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Eating Alone

Hey there, it is me. The lone tall guy in the six person corner booth at (Unnamed-Sit-Down-Chain-Eating-Establishment). Eating Alone. I quite like it. You do not, it seems.   460 more words


Instruction manual for life

There is this little smile, shy but secured because of the glass wall in-between.

It is like her parents are protecting her fragile childhood.

So, this little Indian girl can grow and ripe and getting prepared for the future. 89 more words


The art of being creative

Aren’t they wonderful?

Three pieces of art.

But what is art? When it hangs or stands in the museum? Or when it is exposed to the public in a school building? 78 more words


On Re-Membering 

My. God. You’re beautiful.

Just to see those same dark eyes see me, take me in with wide open gaze. For the first time unafraid of the cracks, and frays and frantic strength in my staring back stormy ocean eyes. 519 more words


It's Almost Over

The signs of a decaying future stuck between the technological advances of the now and the forward thinking ways of tomorrow. Signs that the future is not in our control. 107 more words



I want to be free from my own mind. All these thoughts and opinions hit overload in my head. Meditation isn’t the answer for me. I don’t believe in all that spiritual stuff anyway. 95 more words


Life in a Filtered Square; and: On Minimalism

These photos are from the past couple of weeks, or more likely, weekends, since my work days have been too busy for very much Instagrammable nonsense. 524 more words

Great Outdoors