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Think Like A Success: Chapter 7

Happy Monday!

This week’s focus is on “Understanding the Makeup of You”. Each week I feel like the chapter topics give us much to consider as we change our psyche. 624 more words


i blog, therefore i am

i am only human

I am a deep thinker. i think about stuff a lot. i over-think it.

i think about what could have been and what might happen. 119 more words


A controversial topic..

I’ve been watching what is happening in Indiana with the Religious Freedom law. Now I will say I haven’t read the bill but from what I can understand I fully support what it does. 207 more words


book worm 

I can safely compare my mind to the rest of my body. they are both wanderess’. I physically cannot stay in one place for too long and mentally, I cannot stay on one subject for too long. 233 more words

The Elusive Tiger Chicken and Other Misdemeanors?

Raising children to adulthood is a creative adventure. Some things I remember clearly, others I don’t, but I think my kids remember everything.

My children seem to remember everything I’ve ever said that has ever been on the wrong side of truth. 749 more words


Marks of one not following God

Characteristics of those who reject God include wanting to deceive you, they want to kill any good thing that is in you and yet, if you wait long enough, you will see their downfall and you will see that there is no generation of family coming after them. 145 more words

Your Thoughts Make You

Sometimes you come across quotes or passages that leave you breathless. Their truth is profound, the language lyrical, and the message soulful. In 1902 James Allen published a short book titled… 257 more words