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I Think Of You

I think of you

when I don’t want to

when I don’t expect to

and even if the memories twinge instead of burn 

they still take up space I don’t want to give them… 251 more words


Let’s first define, what’s meant by term dream? By dictionary, it means an imaginary series of events that one experience in one’s mind while one is asleep. 480 more words


Just friends

Do you ever get the feeling that your significant other is more than just friends with someone? Maybe you’re feeling that way now, or maybe you felt that way before, or maybe you are trying to figure out what it is you’re feeling. 234 more words



This post depends mainly on YOUR imagination! Be Imaginative
Imagine that you’re sitting in a small dark room. It’s not that dark,it’s dim lightened. You can barely see. 153 more words

Writing & Blogging

"Cause if you're touring your mind, you'll get lost every time..."

Happy 4th to one and to all!

I know its been a while since I wrote, especially from the heart but sometimes writing just doesn’t cut through the feelings. 705 more words