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Roses Wither Away

Much like how flowers die and wither away, so do friendships. As sad as it is for me to admit, some people are just not worth the energy it takes to maintain an untrusting friendship. 236 more words


Stop and think

Try spreading love and unity, instead of hatred and negativity. The world would be a better place for it. This world is burning and people are so busy pointing fingers because that seems easier then actually helping one another.



This is a Divine Appointed Day, envision your blessings.

We strengthen our muscles when we rigorously exercise and so it is with our spiritual muscles. We grow in faith when we intentionally use our spiritual muscles. 26 more words


Blue Calm Water | Clear Blue sky

I may be as quiet as the ocean on a windless day,

But deep down the ocean there is a life that sways;

Colorful corals, schools of fish and the sun’s enlightening ray, 82 more words

Thoughts of a Sleepless Me : Water

Of all the places I have lived, I like the places with easy access to water.  I like water.

Water has a music that calms the soul.  355 more words


Brain body romance

Have you ever experienced one of these emotions?

  • A relaxed feeling over your whole body after taking a bath.
  • Instant headache when you enter the office.
661 more words



“Sit back, relax, forget the past.” That’s what they always say to do. If you have no past to remember, how could you build a future? 120 more words