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The person

The first person you think about when you wake up, is either responsible for your smile or the reason you’re hurt.

Well in my case, both outcome is caused by the same person.


April Fools

Why is April 1st called April Fool’s Day? Speculations only exists, but why be called a fool?

The following Arabian Proverb may have the answer – a fool may be known by six things: 40 more words


Intentions don’t mean anything; actions do.

{FanFictions are great for such profound insights :}

Reflect On Yo'self

On Ideas And Reality

We constantly get ideas.

We fall in love with ideas of how we want our lives to be, how easy it is to tell strangers versions of ourselves we either shy away from or wish was true, how it was easy to create in our minds versions of our lives we imagined. 510 more words


Diets. When did it get so complicated?

I don’t hate the word diet. I respect it for its original definition as a noun and that is the context in which I use it. 1,268 more words