Think positive : DAY 1

Ouais, j’ai envie de commencer ça aussi.
(Oui ok c’est le deuxième truc que je chope à Axy, mais c’est rigolo, j’ai envie d’être positive et, et, et…) 141 more words

Je Raconte Ma Vie

Don't Let Fear of Failing be Your Factor

Most of us have fear of failing. We all experience failures time and time again. Many of us fear failures more than life itself. Failing can be hard to accept and can cause great pain. 214 more words

Balancing Your Life

Don't ignore your feelings.

Every feeling has a reason and a message.

Joy.  Sorrow.  Love.  Hate.  Indifference.  Let yourself experience everything in your path.

Feelings serve as a guide to the person you are.  8 more words


Life is not a juggling act.

Rest and relaxation are important for a balanced life.  Running on empty while working hard is a recipe for disaster.

Life is a cycle.  Rest.  Relaxation.  32 more words


Today is a great day!

What you bring to this day is what makes it great.

Make the most of this day with what you can give and you will experience the best that life has to offer. 47 more words