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FAL's New Digs!

After a lot of waffling, research and generally pissing about, I’ve finally switched my Faking a Living site to a WordPress platform.  Google Blogger, you were awesome – free, easy to use and even though your tech support was pretty much non-existent, you allowed me to get going on this blogging path and I will always be grateful for that.   307 more words


Before Kids - After Kids

Before I had kids, I thought I knew it all.  I thought “I’ll never be one of THOSE moms.”

You know the type.  The moms who are consumed by their children.   377 more words


Role models

When I was a kid I watched M*A*S*H religiously. As an adult I watch it and think, “WTF were my parents thinking letting me watch this????” (I also think “Why the hell would you not object to your 13 year old daughter reading Ian Fleming when everyone else were reading stupid horse books?” But that’s a post for another day) 383 more words


song: all your words are gone
artist: avid dancer


Things You Should Know About Ambiverts

One of the first things you should know about ambiverts is that I am not one. I’ve written extensively about my introvert nature and that all still stands; I absolutely fall firmly on that side. 464 more words

Things You Should Know

Alcohol poisoning kills 2,200 Americans

(AudaciTech) – Alcoholic poisoning kills 2,200 Americans every year according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention taken from 2010 to 2014. 82 more words

Things You Should Know

Jay-Z Acquires Boxing Promotion Company

Rapper Jay Z, through his Roc Nation Sports, has completed a deal to buy promoter Gary Shaw’s company thereby giving Roc Nation a steady stable of fighters. 242 more words