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Things To Remember

  • Always pick fresh fruits and vegetables. Choose seasonal produce instead of the packaged cold storage variety.
  • Wash, clean or peel them well. Bacteria are killed by boiling and cooking, but since juices and shakes do not go through the process of excess heat and boiling, you need to be extra cautious about hygiene, food safety and freshness levels.
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My trip to Mentor Minnesota..........

In the photo above (right) my beautiful mother-in-law LilyAnn Roed and her sister (left) Hazel Roed.  Rest in peace Aunt Hazel and Uncle C.

Last week I broke my golden rule about traveling to Minnesota in the winter time.  383 more words

Things That Make Me Smile

I Love Being A Mummy Because...

Of the little things he says. The things he does. The things I don’t want him to do and of course the things he won’t do. 836 more words

Lil G

Remembering Carlton and Hazel Roed..............

I am sad to report the loss of two family members;  Uncle Carlton and Aunt Hazel Roed.  They were killed in a car accident yesterday. Uncle “C” (that’s what I called him) and Aunt Hazel were married for 65 years…what a blessing.  214 more words

Things To Remember

... she said ...

Akhir tahun lalu ketemu Mb SH dan pulang dengan bekal kalimat sakti berikut ini, ” Bermain dan bertemanlah dengan rasa sakit, sampai nantinya sakit itu tidak akan dirasa lagi. 146 more words


A Quote from My Grandma

I remember when I was growing up a quote that I heard frequently from my Grandma who is now in the arms of the Creator, and I have missed her every day for the past 4 years. 15 more words


mengapa aku harus berhijab ??

Mengapa ya Allah..
Pertanyaan yang aku utarakan kepada engkau.. Mengapa aku harus menggunakan hijab..

Jawaban yang aku terus cari selama setahun ini sampai pada akhirnya aku berhenti mencari dan menjalani saja. 275 more words