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A lil' confidence boost!

Hello lovelies! Hope your March has been treating you well.

I realized something the other day that I think I’ve been waiting to realize my whole 21 years of living. 644 more words



I need to go back to the basics, back to a time when things were so much simpler-in certain ways.

I need to unlearn that technology rules this generation, I need to go outside more and show emma that that’s where all the fun is, the adventure. 212 more words

KoalaSafe - Easier Parenting. Safer Kids.

I haven’t posted in over a year! I have been toiling away on my new baby KoalaSafe.

Are your kids obsessed with Minecraft? Clash of Clans? 79 more words

Things To Remember

Kill 'Em With Kindness.

(image found scrollin’ through my dashboard on tumblr.com)

Well hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well (I like how I am talking like I have a zillion dedicated readers out there. 288 more words


Stop Taking my Pencils!

I don’t know about you, but no matter what I have tried in the past, my pencils always seem to disappear! I have a special holder on my desk for ‘student pencils.’ I have previously asked them to leave a shoe in exchange for a pencil. 552 more words


Jemma Jones reblogged this on My TEFL Adventures and commented:

I think that this is a fabulous idea! Just would I get away with it?! I wonder how they feel when the students are using them... I have also said "swap for a pencil"; but the current place I am working in frown upon asking a student for the show for a pencil. I have found that it has worked; but only if all the teachers use the system!

Notes to the past me

If, by any chance, there’s a slight possibility that another me exists (in a parallel universe or something like), it’s very unlikely that she would read this. 295 more words