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I tried to take a photo of this bird in the murky pond whilst it was flapping its wings, but I wasn’t fast enough to catch the movement. 231 more words


Quarterly: Book Riot YA

Oh how busy, busy, busy things have been! I’ve been experimenting with Quarterly since July 2014. Originally I started with their monthly book club, Riot Read (sadly, they are no longer operating this box). 332 more words

Things I See

10 Signs you're destined to be a Theatre nurse

The other day I, yes moi – a first year nursing student– was given the opportunity to work in Theatre. Ok I wasn’t really offered it, I asked for it and it was the best thing I could have done. 1,508 more words

Things I See

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The birds flew around the church sometimes.

Then they kept coming back to this roof.

Occasionally some flew away.

I wondered what they were plotting. If they were flying for fun, or playing follow the leader. 34 more words


7 Things Doctor's do that make them Human:

So Doctors study for like a Bazillion years and that warrants a sort of Genius status, doesn’t it? And honestly after all that studying I think they deserve it. 1,043 more words

Things I See

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“Without art we would need too many explanations.”


My day in pictures: Working in CSSD

As a part of my first year program I have to work in CSSD,
which is the Central Sterile Supply Department. I am working here for two days and before I walked through the door I was absolutely clueless. 214 more words

First Times