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Things I See 14

Angsty toilet wall reading.

I don’t know. A clean slice is good, violence is bad. Be gentle.

Things I See

Things I See 13

Gate post in Torino (Turin), Italy. This is beautiful, so elegant and clean. I can’t imagine the patience and skill required. I love the details, and the idea of the man holding up the stone, rather than being part of it… 22 more words


Things I See 12

Pets get fluffier, more colourful, and more exciting-shaped houses than people.

Things I See

Things I See 11

In a sidestreet…

To fly with the heart of an artist, depends on you.


Things I See 10

One day, walking by a river, I looked at the wall instead of the water and I found…

a giant ant with pink poo… it says BLN Crew but I misread it as Bin Crew at first… 103 more words


Things I See 9

The “heart” without art is just “eh”.



Things I See 8

The Human Bicycle Race

All dressed alike in their own choice of colour, before they all raced in the same direction, they were all focussed on their own thing. 292 more words

Things I See