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you are beautiful

When you think of not eating, do it and see how you feel. When you think you are not good enough, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you love yourself no matter what. 179 more words


No Melissa McCarthy...NO!!!

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Not sure how I feel about this…I like her a little bigger

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so it is

It’s getting hotter and hotter. I feel the need of working out,but it’s soooo hot. I’m so not ready for summer. Bright side of it- I have zero appetite.I can’t wait Midsummer’s… 107 more words


Thin Model drive women customers away rather than attracting them !!!

Thin sells : This has always been a common understanding in market, specially when it comes to women. Normally and mostly, almost every company making products for women seek thin models to promote the product but a recent survey published in the Atlantic Marketing Journal, it was found that… 59 more words


the start

We wonder how this disease stared due to the views on body image in the past. In history, being curvy was a way to show that you were fed well and had enough money to eat large amounts. 321 more words


Old photos 💖

I was feeling bored and I loved how light my bedroom was and how light my clothing was. I had my makeup perfectly done and my hair was so nice, so I took loads of photos ☺️ 8 more words