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A Question for Lovers of Bottom Heavy Women

Which view do you prefer?

Front or back?

Please leave a comment and let me know.

JONESERCISE 4 22 2015: Back to the Circuit!

Workout for : 4-22-2015
T-Shirt: Bushido
Music: Steppenwolf

After all the body weight stuff it’s time to return to some weights.
Well…that and I ran out of ideas to do more of the Tabata extrapolation stuff. 181 more words


Photo of the Day

I love saddlebag hips & this sexy lady has an absolutely perfect pair!

Below is the full size original photo.


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there is nothing humble
about you
not your smile
when it pulls my heart strings
not your reaching
into the fragrant neck of my thighs.


I'm a Thigh Man

Breasts & butts are always a turn on & wide hips always drive me crazy.

But for as long as I can remember I’ve always been attracted to women with thick shapely thighs.

Photo of the Day

This lady has a very sexy spread.



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NSVs and Why I am Boycotting the Scale

Have you heard of NSVs? I hadn’t until I became a part of instagram’s little fitness/weight loss community. NSV stands for “non-scale victory” aka enjoying weight loss milestones other than the scale number. 391 more words