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Note:  only put a model in the fireplace if it is clean, and more importantly, not lit…


Beauty is pain but this is ridiculous.

A while back I was talking to a friend and she made reference to the underwear she has a only “Utility”,  no thongs, lace, bows or anything fancy.   404 more words

Cross Dressing

Quote of the Day "I was not entertaining devious..." #QOTD

I was not entertaining devious thoughts. They were entertaining me.” – Unknown

QOTD - Quote Of The Day

#ShoutOut to bulkrump

“I love when ppl are like ‘you must be freezing in that!’ when im wearing like skirts, thigh-highs, ect like yeah im kinda cold but im not changing my slut aesthetic im not weak” -ivyaura Tumblr

by bulkrump