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Note:  only put a model in the fireplace if it is clean, and more importantly, not lit…


Beauty is pain but this is ridiculous.

A while back I was talking to a friend and she made reference to the underwear she has a only “Utility”,  no thongs, lace, bows or anything fancy.   404 more words

Cross Dressing

Quote of the Day "I was not entertaining devious..." #QOTD

I was not entertaining devious thoughts. They were entertaining me.” – Unknown

QOTD - Quote Of The Day

#ShoutOut to bulkrump

“I love when ppl are like ‘you must be freezing in that!’ when im wearing like skirts, thigh-highs, ect like yeah im kinda cold but im not changing my slut aesthetic im not weak” -ivyaura Tumblr

by bulkrump


Self Reflection: Criticism

If you’re like me, you enjoy reading and learning about Astrology, the signs, the stars, the planets, and how they all connect creating specific characteristics depending on the day you were born. 745 more words

20 Somethings