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FIVE days left...

Time is running and there is still a lot to do and then I am going away this weekend… Well I would probably not have done anything on Saturday even if I would have stayed in Berlin but, it does feel bad. 255 more words


A ramble about the thesis

Well, I was pretty slackadaisical yesterday with my writing. Tell you the truth, after my workout I spent the rest of the day working on my thesis. 644 more words

Systematic characterization of sorption behavior of microplastic particles (master thesis project)

Every year, millions of tons of plastic waste are produced out of which 10% have been estimated to end-up in the world’s oceans. Recently, there have been several studies investigating the occurrence of presence of microscopic fragments of plastics (MP) in marine systems. 132 more words


Word Assoc. #4: Thesis/Anti-Thesis

From the list below, write whatever comes to mind (or take a picture) when you read the words or phrases. Or, write about something (or take a picture of something) that is the antithesis of what came to mind when you read the words or phrases. 56 more words


Thesis Blog

I’ve been keeping a Tumblr to document my MFA thesis since this past fall. It’s a collection of experiments, inspirations and ideas. It’s becoming a pretty extensive archive of art; better to share it with more than just my professors. 7 more words


The Light Theory: Science & Divinity. A Thesis by Sabian Ryan

Time, to the Human eye it’s a never-ending circle.
The concept of light ties very closely to time and its relevancy to our perspective of time. 1,435 more words


Mad day tomorrow

I am working all day tomorrow. It gives me many hours. Thankfully accepting, however I think I will be pretty tired afterwards. This weeks work has been consuming me. 139 more words