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Basement Hangout — Vernadskian Time: Time for Humanity

An opening presentation by Jason Ross on aspects of time unique to biology and mankind, from the standpoint of Vladimir Vernadsky and Lyndon LaRouche. With a particular focus on why the laws of thermodynamics do not apply to humanity. 26 more words


Thermo, kinetics, and equilibria

Is it hot in here?  It’s always hot in here when you’re having fun with thermodynamics!  And kinetics, too, though there’s not really a joke for that. 57 more words

Practice Worksheets

AP Chemistry - Classes 36 / 37


  • Wednesday, March 25th

Equilibrium and Free Energy

  • relationship between DG and K
  • examples

AP Problems


  • work in-class on textbook problems (Class 35) and AP problems…
  • 10 more words
AP Chemistry


monuments melt

in the heat lost

from fires of credos

that built them

bones burn given

years in their bodies

beliefs disarrange

among randomized

time irreversible… 53 more words


About chemical engineering:

If you are a fresher,who recently entered the department of chemical engineering in your college and has no or little idea of what chemical engineering is? 454 more words

Chemical Engineering

AP Chemistry - Class 35


  • Tuesday, March 24th

Thermodynamics Class Work

  • Write the question for each before solving
  • Chapter 19 (25, 29a, 43, 53ab, 58, 65, 69, 83, 85, 112)
  • Submit to Schoology as PDF
AP Chemistry

Thermodynamics with Continuous Information Flow

guest post by Blake S. Pollard

Over a century ago James Clerk Maxwell created a thought experiment that has helped shape our understanding of the Second Law of Thermodynamics: the law that says entropy can never decrease. 843 more words


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In the absence of anything of consequence to say about my own work, the post re-blogged below from John Baez's 'Azimuth' blog is worth reading in tandem with the post I made here last year regarding Alexandre De Castro's paper on one-wayness in a Bennett's thermodynamic engine:- https://unitambo.wordpress.com/2014/09/22/one-way-trapdoor-permutation-of-a-bennetts-turing-machine/#comment-69