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Top 10 Performing Countries In Solar Energy

There has always been a desperation to move our dependency from dirty, finite fossil fuels to a more cleaner and sustainable fuel source and since the start of the decade there has been a rapid boom in the adoption of solar energy harnessing.  333 more words


Notes on Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics

- The basic principle of NET, as developed by Ilya Prigogine, is that systems far-from-equilibrium (FFE) are sources of order.

– Classical thermodynamics is primarily concerned with closed systems and the equilibrium obtained therein – that is, the state of the closed system as being one of maximum entropy, or disorder, and temperature uniformity. 287 more words



Ghosts ! I’m really excited to meet them, because I’m very sure that they don’t exist. Simply. And even if they do exist I’m so curious to get few queries clarified. 662 more words


Is Solar Energy Green?

The idea that energy can be converted (not created) from one form into another fits in our intuition. We are willing to accept that we can not get more energy than the energy contained in the source. 516 more words


What is Engineering Thermodynamics?

Thermodynamics is the branch of physics deals with heat and temperature and their relationship between energy and work such as internal energy, entropy, pressure that describes a body of matter and radiation. 73 more words

Engineering Thermodynamics

The green energy debate

The energy ‘debate’ has always left me dissatisfied because I felt most of it to be based on conjectures, statistics, and lies and not on scientific reasoning. 193 more words


The Heat Death of Humanity: Progressivism as the Second Law of Thermodynamics

I don’t agree with (or to be honest, understand) – all the Nietzschean / Great Chain of Being stuff in the post series “Neoreaction: is it for real? 903 more words