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Temperature and Heat


Welcome to my 3rd post, Heat and temperature. Now, didn’t you want to know that how heat can travel? Simple awesome ways that even acrobats can’t do. 2,762 more words


Three is the magic number for chemical engineering education (Day 363)

Today is Day 363 and the end of my time in the blogosphere is getting closer. I have just three days left to shine a light on chemical engineering. 726 more words

Geoff Maitland

Keeping Humans Alive Underwater

The underwater world is beautiful and mysterious and as it makes up most of the livable volume on this planet it’s natural that humans would be interested in exploring it.   305 more words


#002 "Thermo"/"Termo"/"Thermo"

Today I´m going to do another problem on “Thermo”.To the Problem:The system is formed by two connected vessels .In the initial condition the left one has a pressure P1,volume V1,temperature T1  while the rigth one has P2,V2,T2 when the tap between them is open their contents mix themselves.No heat transfer happens with the outside.Assuming ideal gases, what will be the final pressure and the final temperature(R = universal gas constant)?  538 more words


The MPEMBA effect

If you put two jars, one is filled with a normal water and another with boiled water in the refrigerator, which will freeze quicker? Your mind says it’s an easy one, the normal one of course. 167 more words