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I am Slowly Dying

I have been very fortunate in my life to have found some amazing people to call me friends. I have a best friend in particular who is smart, and funny and just understands me. 675 more words


Homonymns and More

I’ve gotten some more great tipsfromautocrit. This software has proven it’s worth to me over and over. I hope you enjoy the information.

Do you cringe when someone sends you an email and uses “ 183 more words


There is a Man Behind You

By Chef SmileyJack

My name is Robert Krandall, and I play a marginal part in the following story. I am attempting to post on this site for scary stories on behalf of the author, my friend Jonathan Tally. 5,306 more words


The thing is, I feel stunted.

Where do I go from here? And, one better, have I achieved a “here”? Am I there yet? Or is the “here” still coming? 583 more words

Inner Monologue

Rosie Gamgee - Grammar Nazi: Homonyms

Hello my dear readers!

Today I would like to offer just a few choice tidbits of grammatical folly for your delight. More specifically, those words that are commonly misspelled, causing yours truly to weep silent tears of pain. 526 more words

The Academics