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A Thousand Years

You have been here through times of praise and glory

You have been here through times of sadness and telling of stories

No matter how long or how short of times we have, you always pull through with forgiveness and laughs… 109 more words



As most of you know, the 2015 TWG (There Winter Games) is on, and one of the most anticipated events is Francis7’s “Death Race 3000″. So, without further ado….

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Check out Francis_7's highly anticipated Death Race 3000 event at the 2015 Winter There Games!

there and time

however and its own series

and when it was the pieces

and what it took

and it peaked and its own toward

and those of the feeling… 58 more words


Here Are The Most Revealing Oscar Gowns From Last Night

Every year it seems like there is a competition for who can show the most skin.

We have found the most revealing dresses from last night for you. 18 more words


Bellwork #10

Use the following in sentences: their, there, they’re, two, to, too, who, whom, principal, principle, affect, effect, capital, capitol

We’re using  their car to go to the bowling alley over… 70 more words