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Let's Play a Game- How to Make and Break Habits

It’s needless to say that everyone wants to improve themselves in one way or another. Whether its to lose a couple pounds or to rid your nails of death by chewing. 368 more words


Spontaneous Adventures

The weekend I spent in the beautiful sunshine state really helped me. I ate some amazing food, got some much needed sun, but I think one of the best things was just getting away. 280 more words


I'm a Lying Bastard and Other Realizations at 36,000 ft

This blog is titled “There Are No Small Things” and I realize that there are plenty of small things and that I am a liar. Bugs are physically small, but that’s where the trouble comes. 228 more words


Unexpected Journeys

Last year, my grandfather needed a heart transplant. After some recovery time, he was fine. Up until last week that is. It’s nothing super serious, but it happened to occur while he was on vacation. 200 more words


The Night it All Started

So here I am having a shitty day. The hormones I was so graciously blessed with have left me an emotional mess, and I can’t stand it. 291 more words


The Beginning Part 3

I have this weird outlook on life. No one in the world should, because naturally being different people create different senario that build the person we become. 247 more words


Calling All Purple, Blue & Peach Team Members - Your Winning Jacket Is Waiting For You!

There were close to 6,000 attendees during the 2015 Winter There Games event this year! Thank you to everyone who participated and earned points for their team. 278 more words

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