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Third Times a Charm

I haven’t had the easiest up bringing…and I know there are people who had it worse but that shouldn’t discredit what I’ve been through. Most of my trauma, if you will, is psychological and emotional. 625 more words

Writing & Blogging

Am I bipolar?

Today is the 2nd annual World Bipolar Day, an event that strives to educate the public about bipolar disorder and encourages an open discussion to end the stigma associated with brain illness.  527 more words

Listen Up!

Your body has an uncanny ability to tell you when things are wrong. Watch out though. If you pay attention, it’ll also tell you when things are oh so right.


Echoes in My Mind

I’m not going to repeat the same mistake as the other blogs.  I’m not going to go on explaining what gaqslighting, etc, is.  If you want to know more about it,  28 more words

Crazy Making


Do not tell me
Your boundaries
Are for me.

Do not tell me that it is safer,
More normal.

Do not tell me that I will grow into them, 249 more words

coffee and pills

I’ve skipped my Latuda for about 5 days now. I’ve had coffee each day and drank beer all weekend.
I’ve been in social situations and spent a lot of money. 583 more words


Ripples and Fringe

When life becomes too much the ocean calls to me. It helps in a way that is hard to explain. The beach is distinctly alive. The air is thick with the smell of salt and damp and age. 272 more words