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You Matter.

I’m poorly, off work, which gives my head so much more time to think. I often moan about how busy and stressful my job is, but it does limit the space my head has to spiral and spiral and spiral.  703 more words

In the beginning

So, I had a rather disturbing event this past weekend.  It really wasn’t a big deal, or it shouldn’t have been anyway, but it significantly affected my whole weekend. 1,707 more words

Recent Posts

Things that helped during chemotherapy: art therapy

The things that so far helped me during chemotherapy… mostly weren’t things. Some were recommended, some are things I did before, like yoga or walking. 1,141 more words


kill me

My stress is my family. They use me for their stress relief. Always have even when I was a small child. Everyone always comes to me with everything but I can’t go to anyone with anything. 1,459 more words

Ups and Downs

Sooooooooo, 48 hours in and dare I say, things are seeming tentatively positive (touching wood as hard as I can as I type).

Positives are that MIL likes the flat, and hasn’t made any noises at all about “going home”. 410 more words


A Poem

A dark, heavy blanket lies over my being
I don’t want to eat, or drink, or laugh, or sleep
I don’t want to dream for I know… 86 more words



Stone therapy is an important way to experience an ancient massage. It can feel very good and is also used to help cure and heal a great number of ailments. 299 more words