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Session Fifteen

“It’s been some time, Eve.”

Dr. Woodrow gestured to my usual seat, handing me a hot cup of Jasmine tea.

“Yes.” I raise the cup in a salute. 2,658 more words

New therapist and she wants to record sessions.

I meet with the new therapist tomorrow. I am really anxious. And I don’t really expect it to work out with her. I don’t know why, I just feel scared of so many things. 1,247 more words

Book Review: Scary Close by Donald Miller

My summary: 

Don shares the journey of how he learnt to stop impressing people and start connecting with them instead by being honest. He looks at how we can’t love people or be close with them if we can’t be ourselves and if we try to control others out of fear. 373 more words


An anxious man

Hello, it’s me. I have a problem. Well, it isn’t a problem I can’t fix but it’s a problem that’s causing me problems and I am trying to fit the word problem into this paragraph without causing me too many problems in this problematic process. 506 more words


Here we go again..

Another hectic week. Not really sure where the time goes or if I’m just stuck in Groundhog Day. With the exception of Monday I had a pretty positive week. 1,062 more words


CBCT: Week Four

This week I was back at it with my therapy and approach tasks. After my breakdown and recovery week where I didn’t participate, I decided it was better for me to keep going and try to learn how to avoid future major upsets. 577 more words



Elephants, soft pastels on ?????

I saw this textured paper at the art store, it had no name on it but was available in white or black for about $4 for a large sheet. 101 more words