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Work and therapy

Work is better. The day after I wrote the last post, I had a meeting with my manager, and he was super nice. He made such a stern, reserved, critical impression at my interview, and I thought this was his personality. 758 more words


Protecting Shirley, our host

So one of our blogger friends and followers asked us if she might be able to know a little bit more about shirley, our host, and why it is that we as a system are so protective of her. 403 more words

What in the World is Robotripping?

Authored by Amy Kershisnik, LCSW – Family Therapist

Did you know roughly 1 in 30 teens reports abusing DXM to get high? Dextromethorphan (DXM) is an ingredient found in many over-the-counter (OTC) cough medicines. 304 more words

Parenting Tips

Therapy session-High anxiety stress, and voo breathing

This week in therapy the topic of conversation turned to stress and anxiety. I started off by telling Eileen that Nitro going in to have his teeth cleaned had really stressed me out. 389 more words

Therapy funk

You only know you’re in a state of “therapy funk” when you begin to emerge from it. And to claw out of it, either you or your therapist has to see that something is not quite right. 712 more words


No. That is not what Occupational Therapists do.

Such is the life of an OT. Too often our profession is met with vague stares from family, friends and other close-knit health professionals when asked to define what we do. 633 more words

Occupational Therapist

Don't light a match; you may start a fire

Despite all the whisperings to the contrary, it’s looking like my three month contract will not be renewed when it ends in April. As you can imagine, this will be one hell of a blow to my financial (in)stability, but maybe it was stupid to put too much faith in what my bosses said in passing. 305 more words