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Need a therapist? First complete this obstacle course and jump through hoops of fire...

For the record, it should not be this difficult to find a therapist. Let me set the scene, I have been trying to find a therapist I click with for over a month now. 181 more words


Session 12- Therapist Avoidance?

Just before I went in to my session on Monday, I was aware of feeling nervous. It’s the first time with this therapist that I’ve felt truly nervous and I don’t really know why I was feeling that way. 1,861 more words

Good reasons to see a secular counselor

On this talk show:  Good reasons to see a secular counselor…plus, a listener questions Karolyn’s advice about dating someone on the rebound…plus, what to do if you’re concerned about your mom over-helping an alcoholic sibling… 27 more words


Responses To Your Therapist That You Will Probably Never Say

I thought a thread of what you would like to really respond to your therapists cliches would be interesting. I ll start: –“How does that make you feel?” Like jumping out of this chair and smackin you upside the head for asking me for the millionth time how something makes me feel! 52 more words

Offline Self Protection

I won t go into details but my therapist mentioned yesterday that some of my self protection / preservation defenses are offline. That s her word for me not being aware or in touch with something. 61 more words

Unhelpful Therapist

Has anyone else had unhelpful therapists on the NHS? I recently went for counselling which I was advised to do during my break from psychology (I remembered Traumatic things from my childhood and the psychologist thought I should take a break-i told her I d feel like I d been given up on but she still got rid of me) So I was told to try counselling at a thing called Lifelink. 28 more words


Something happened a couple of days ago: I woke in the morning feeling lighter. Something in me had changed. I didn’t even realize it at first, and when I did, I was awed…and thrilled. 593 more words