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No 9 Go Live

The biggest decision in any project is often the decision to “Go Live”. Are we confident the new systems are working? Have we carried out enough testing? 371 more words


Learning the 7ths

Learning the different seventh chords can be tricky.

Before you start out, make sure you know your major and minor triads, and the maj 7th (C-B), min 7th (C-Bb), and dim 7th (C-A) intervals. 94 more words


Poetry & Joy

Last night

My fiance and I stayed up past midnight with our flashlights and read the first five sections of

Walt Whitman’s Song of Self. … 115 more words


Who is the creator?

There is  cup and someone created it. Why can’t someone make us? Atheist believe in theories of science rather than their understanding the concept that we all are creators of something. 96 more words

INTP: My Myers-Briggs Test

I am incredibly interested in personality types and how they affect our daily lives. (That’s probably why I majored in Communication.) So today while I had some downtime, I impulsively bought a Myers-Briggs test. 1,016 more words


Did Darwin steal his theory of Evolution?

After his trip around the world on The Beagle, Darwin waited 23 years to present his theory of Evolution.  The myth is that he sat on the theory out of fear of repercussions. 178 more words