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Plant the seed

Start something new by learning all about the final goals that are to be achieved.

In that spirit patanjalis first sutra already shows the path to enlightenment. 27 more words


Experience or Theory

I will describe two situations here, for you to choose a better one.

Situation #1:

A father comes home after a long day at work.  His daughter patiently waits, while her father washes up and eats his dinner.   211 more words


The Function of Quantum Tunnelling

In 1924, L. de Broglie proposed the idea of wave nature of matter. In 1927, C.J. Davission and L.H.Germer used the electron bundle of 54eV to vertically collide nickel crystal surface and got the interference and diffraction phenomenon like light wave. 857 more words

Welcome To Risk Management!

Are you new to risk management? Are you making a mid-career transition to risk management, or are a student who is looking to start a career in risk management? 132 more words

Practical Risk Mangement

On Nicknaming Predators

This post was originally published at The Feminist Wire.

I have been asked by a number of people about naming drones.

“Do drone operators name their drones?” 1,251 more words

Global War On Terror