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Sight-reading on bass

I re-read something that MalcolmAmos posted on Talkbass and felt the need to repeat it here, because he always has great advice.


Does Santa Exist?

Just finished reading Does Santa Exist?

Kaplan takes his readers into philosophy, Judaism, Buddhism, Mysticism, Christianity, Yogi, pop culture, Christmas carols (and their meaning), as well as touching upon early philosophers, as well as his professors he studied under. 213 more words


Haters Gonna Hate

I am a big fan of memes. I always try to inject them into my conversations whenever I can.

Cultural idioms like memes are awesome because they provide us with quick references in our conversations or whatever media we are consuming at the time. 721 more words


Moonman Explained

When I go on road trips it’s pretty common to observe gas stations strategically placed along the way to make travel possible. Some gas stations along the highway even have “rest stops” where folks can stretch out a bit before moving on. 559 more words



Hello, and welcome to my brand new blog, bearlybullish!

In the monotony brought on by post-graduate unemployment, I thought it might be fun to start a financial blog… Please, try to contain your excitement. 193 more words