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The End of Dark Energy

By Harry Keller
Editor, Science Education

Dr. Peter A. Milne and his associates have found an unexpected and, to the cosmological community, startling result from their… 1,254 more words


Read It Out Loud

“When you have the last but one draft print it out (or get it on a tablet) then walk away from the computer, find an empty room and read it out loud.”

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On Writing

A Walk Down Memory Lane, A Random Walk Through History

As an adult, have you ever taken a trip to the place where your parents grew up and had them tell you the story of  their life and times, in their own way, as you visited the haunts of their youth and did the things they did? 2,250 more words


Social Darwinism; Detachment from Community Accountability in Modern Pagan Culture

“ Social Darwinism characterizes a variety of past and present social policies and theories, from attempts to reduce the power of government to theories exploring the biological causes of human behavior.

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DLC Econ 101: DLC and Diminishing Marginal Utility

With Nintendo adding DLC to the newest Smash Brothers game, I wanted to take some time and look at the economics behind this. This is the first in a series of article to explore DLC for Smash Bros and how economic theories affect the company’s decisions. 620 more words

Super Smash Brothers Series