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The Sports Ethics Show: Sport Studies Symposium 2015

The 4th annual Sport Studies Symposium was held April 24, 2015. In this episode, the symposium participants discuss the ideas raised by the papers given at the symposium. 80 more words


Library Prison Blues

It was early May, and a student found himself in the library. He wasn’t alone, for this was the worst of all times for students: confining themselves to study to pass their exams. 704 more words



We used to claim that various gods pushed the sun across the sky, that gods were the reason for storms and droughts, that gods or demons caused and healed all sickness. 466 more words

2:24 – You see then that a man is justified by works, and not by faith only.

2:24. – You see then that a man is justified by works, and not by faith only. – With the background behind us of James’ appreciation and acceptance of the doctrine of justification by faith, we can now study this passage in its correct context. 506 more words

Chapter Two

A Brief Note of Concern

Okay. I’ve seen a couple young ladies on my newsfeed link to a blog post entitled “The Day I Decided to Stop Listening to What Everybody’s Saying I’m Supposed to do & Why I’m Not Ready to Get Married in 44 Days.” The first time I read it, most of the comments were still sensible, but apparently many more people have discovered it since then and the sense has mostly been buried. 658 more words

Submarines and sacrifice

Due to my partner being interested in nautical films and the recent weather meaning that we have had to cancel a few days out, we have recently watched a few films set on submarines – … 975 more words