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Holiness & Grace

This week while sipping on a cup of black coffee (the only true way to love the flavor of coffee), I type you this post. LIfe has been hectic, and the only break that seems to come is the one where I write and drink all of the coffee. 843 more words


Proof of a True Prophet

We live in an age where anyone with a keyboard can have a voice in our culture. If they can turn a clever phrase and state their opinion well, they become an expert. 121 more words

How to pray to St. Nicholas?

How often we need help and ask our friends and family to support us? Unfortunately they have certain limitations, as all of us are sinful people. 274 more words

A. I. Osipov

Friday's Free for All

Barry talks with Daisy, Winston, and Kirk about lying public servants, open prisons, and a new survey.


To download audio right-click the following link: Friday’s Free for All

Christian Life

The Synagogues of Satan?

If we were to evaluate evangelical Christian denominations as we do currency, it’s quite interesting to see the value that would be placed on many denominational bodies if the criteria for judging is the authority of Scripture and the proclamation of the Gospel. 454 more words


A Stolen Walk

The Cottage.  Not a cabin, like the Minnesotans fondly refer to them as.  Not a summer home, or lake home.  But, simply, the cottage.

For the last 15 or so years, I have only been able to get there for a week or two in the summer.   228 more words

Spirituality - Spiritual Journey

Pharisee? Legalist?

A few years ago I wrote an article about passive Christianity. This article has proven to be one of the most searched and read articles on the site. 390 more words