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Christ Our Holiness


“(God) sent Christ Jesus to save us and to make us wise, acceptable and holy”. 
1 Cor 1:30 CEV 

Most effective enterprises have a purpose. 268 more words


Saint Augustine's Homilies

Saint Augustine’s Homilies on the Gospel of Saint John, Chapter VI, Verses 1 – 14, Part I:

“The miracles performed by our Lord Jesus Christ are indeed divine works, and incite the human mind to rise to the apprehension of God from the things that are seen. 

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I Don't Get the Gospel

Raise your hand if you can tell me the gospel.

For many of us who grew up in the church, we can tell the gospel without thinking and maybe even some of the finer points of the theology contained within it. 349 more words


Why Do Some Theologians Get Marginalized and Others Don't?

You might be getting tired by now of me talking about Barth, sorry. I have been having his repeating thought hit me though in regard to Karl Barth and his seeming repudiation by so many so called and self-professing “conservative” theologians (even and mostly the young ones). 487 more words


Why I must reject the immorality in the bible

As an agnostic Christian humanist who chooses to believe in a creative love theism theology and ethics and to act as if a God of compassion and kindness exists, I think that, as Christians, we should reject the immorality that is plainly there in the bible. 580 more words



Originally I made this blog to talk about bible verses as I read through the bible.  Recently, however, a unique opportunity has arisen for me and I believe I’m going to take it.   1,008 more words


Understanding Duality (Continues from last post)

Remember the last thing I was droning on about? Well, I hope you read the thing I wanted you to. (my virtually non-existent readers)

But if you didn’t, then allow me to break down most of what they said. 964 more words

Esoteric Philosphy