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Amazing Grace: the President preaches in the Black Church

I’d heard that President Obama delivered the eulogy for State Senator Rev. Clementa Pinckney; but that doesn’t begin to describe the sermon he preached.

I would especially encourage white Christians who are unfamiliar with the black church, to take half an hour and listen to this sermon, which… 306 more words


Book Review: Who's Afraid of Postmodernism? - By James K. A. Smith

Postmodernism is an idea that is ill-defined and poorly understood, both by those who call themselves postmoderns and by those who attack them. One of the groups which has set its sights on postmodernism in recent years is the Christian church, which has had no shortage of condemnations for it. 776 more words


Nikkei incarceration and Episcopal faith

Several young adults of color (and one white person, certainly by mistake) were asked to speak to a small gathering of Episcopalians at General Convention this week to share our stories on the intersections of “faith, race, and justice.” Here is roughly what I shared.  1,167 more words


Peace Through Relationship

This week I went to a presentation put on by a group of 6 from the Southwestern Washington Synod of the ELCA who just got back from a trip to Namibia. 279 more words


July 4th (America and the Church)

I wanted to post on this again, since today is the Fourth of July. I struggle with the idea that America is the nation of God. 552 more words

The Eucharist and the Letter to the Hebrews

In writing an e-mail to a Protestant friend about the sacrificial character of the Mass, I did a google search on my confrère here in Heiligenkreuz Pater Robert Abeynaike, O.Cist., to see whether any part of his brilliant dissertation on the… 2,482 more words

The Dove

Chappie: The Implications of Man as Creator

Review by Logan

Hard as it is to believe, science fiction is cool now.  Whether we’re talking about Star Wars, Doctor Who, or the Alien franchise, I’m reminded of something I heard a fantasy author say earlier this year: “We (nerds) won the culture war.”  That’s opened up a new horizon for science fiction filmmakers, where it’s much easier to get a big budget and do your imaginative sci-fi film justice.   793 more words

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