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What is a Zionist?

I once received a mass email from a politically conservative writer (who is a non-Christian as far as I know) asking for readers’ input answering the question: “What is a “Zionist.” 991 more words

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Apologetic Methodology in Dialogue

A few years ago, over at the old Blogspot version of my blog, I posted an article outlining in bullet point fashion the basics of presuppositional apologetics. 440 more words

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Witnessing to the Witnesses (Part 1)

It’s Saturday morning. Maybe you’ve slept in after a long hard week, and had a relaxing slow start to the day. You’ve had breakfast, played with the kids, maybe read the paper or checked some social media updates. 4,742 more words

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Inerrancy Summit Sessions and Seminars

All of the main sessions and breakout seminars from the Shepherd’s Conference 2015 summit on biblical inerrancy  are now available online.

All of them can be found at the Master’s Seminary media hub located… 215 more words

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Do it Now! Living without Regrets

If only we could go back in time and share some wisdom with our younger selves! One little girl wrote some advice to herself ten years in the future. 686 more words


The Pain Game

Pain is a funny thing. OK, not really so much funny as infuriating, but you know what I mean. It is a beast with many faces. 813 more words

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Shepherd's Conference 2015 Recap

This years Shepherd’s Conference was called the Inerrancy Summit, and it centered around the theme of reaffirming the doctrines of Scripture’s inspiration, infallibility, and inerrancy. Sixteen keynote speakers and several breakout sessions presented messages and lectures confirming those timeless truths. 554 more words

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