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Those Dastardly Young People Leaving Church

The last few years have seen a crush of hand-wringing, panicked stricken articles and books bemoaning how today’s youth are abandoning traditional churches and Christianity altogether once they reach college age. 1,530 more words

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History and Doctrine of the Renewal Movement

My pal, Lyndon Unger, recently had the opportunity to present a series of lectures on the renewal/Pentecostal/charismatic movement. The entire conference, which had speakers addressing a wide range of subjects, is available on line to download, 37 more words

Theology Matters

Witnessing to the Witnesses (Part 2)

Part 2
In Part 1 of Witnessing to the Witnesses we looked at a number of fairly broad topics relating to their beliefs, how, and why we as Christians should be witnessing to them whenever the opportunity presents itself. 1,513 more words

Theology Matters

Raising Dweebs for Jesus

Earlier this year I revamped and reposted an older article I had written a few years ago in which I laid out the reasons why my wife and I homeschool our children. 1,669 more words

Theology Matters

Man's Responsibility in Light of God's Sovereignty

The Scriptures are very plain concerning the fact that God is in complete control of all of His creation. The Psalmist proclaims that, “Whatsoever the Lord pleased, that did he in heaven, and in earth, in the seas, and in deep places” (Ps. 4,467 more words

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Inerrancy from the Peanut Gallery

I had a commenter leave a few challenges against the doctrine of inerrancy under a recent post of mine. He asked in such a way that he comes across pious and reverent of God’s Word, but I believe he is insincere. 2,017 more words

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What is a Zionist?

I once received a mass email from a politically conservative writer (who is a non-Christian as far as I know) asking for readers’ input answering the question: “What is a “Zionist.” 991 more words

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