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3 Quotes/ 3 Days #3

Thank you again Ameena for nominating me. The third and a day early, quote comes from Robert Frost “The Mending Wall”:

quote #3:

Spring is the mischief in me, and I wonder…

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Lose Yourself

I believe that one must lose themselves in order to truly find themselves.

Ironic isn’t it?

Because it is when you fail, make a mistake or fall down, you see yourself at your worst. 79 more words


“Small-minded people blame others. Average people blame themselves. The wise see all blame as foolishness.”

Jel - No Solution

Distant cosmic sounds accompany Jel’s fiery finger drumming, MPC mastery. Could be the beat to one of the better Themselves songs but it’s left alone to live exist on its own.


Wild Animals Freak Out Over Seeing Themselves In A Mirror For The First Time

French photographer Xavier Hubert Brierre and his wife set up mirrors in various locations around the African jungles of Gabon. They ended up capturing reactions as varied and surprising as the wildlife itself. 16 more words

On pronunciation.

“What’s a pen elope?”
“That’s PENELOPE. Odysseus’s wifey. Fool.”
“I’m giving up on talking.”

Stuff High Schoolers Say