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On Kahoot! answers.

<My students played a review game today, using Kahoot!, which means they were a little cray.>
“Oh, it’s the square – it’s the square!”
“No it’s not – you’re lying.” 11 more words

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On career day choices.

<Last Friday, my students dressed up for career day. After school, I had this conversation.>
“You’re wearing a monkey?”
“For Career Day.”
“Ah, I see.” 24 more words

Stuff High Schoolers Say

In music the passions enjoy themselves…


Is “How Are You?” Dying?

In a world of being able to talk to someone on the other side of the world, and be able to see their face in moving pictures all for the same price as reading this blog. 441 more words


On next year.

“Miss V – you gonna miss us next year?”
“She just lied to everybody in here.”

Stuff High Schoolers Say