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Being a Better Writer: Archetypes

So, for the last few weeks we’ve touched on a variety of subjects, among them topics including “What is a Hero?,” “Building a Hero… 1,675 more words

Being A Better Writer

Anime Theme 05: Kagerou Project Ene

Today’s theme of the day is Ene from the Kagerou Project series. If you like it, then select the image that sends you to the page with a blue button that sends you to themebeta site. 14 more words



Yep. You read that right. The four diversified dames are in dire need of your loving help!

As you may all know, the four of us are set to post any piece on a particular day and so far has been so much fun to come up with a weekly theme — sharing, laughing and exchanging thoughts with each other. 137 more words


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Thoughts needed! Yes, four brains are better than one, but they can still run out of ideas. So, The Broken Compasses are asking you to help us think of future themes! Let's all put our heads together and maybe... just maybe... our brains can come up with something incredible! :)

Giraffe Cake for Davey!

Little Davey was welcomed recently into his new family and I made this cute cake with its miniature and very naughty looking giraffe to celebrate his arrival. 77 more words


Aspen Comics Teams Up with Sony to Provide Art Themes for PlayStation.

Well this is pretty cool.  Let me see if I can post this article quick so I can start up my PS3 and get one of these.   361 more words