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PlayStation Captured

The launch of In Light of View a week ago exceeded my expectations and I have really appreciated the response and feedback so thank you! Now it’s the push to create more content and keep moving forward, i.e. 248 more words


Gameplay or Story: Which Should Take Centre Stage?

The recent release of The Order: 1886 to a lukewarm critical reception got me thinking about the story in the media of videogames, and how it can sometimes become an afterthought. 506 more words


The Last Of Us review

“Once upon a time, I had somebody I cared about. And in this world, that shit’s good for one thing. Gettin’ you killed” 

Every once in a while, you come across a game that seems to just blow away your expectations for what can be truly achieved in this medium, something that not just raises the bar for visual fidelity say, but also redefines how a game presents its narrative to the player.

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Does The Last of Us Warrant a Sequel?

Having just completed The Last of Us Remastered (I know, 1 and a half years late), my mind immediately switched to the question playing on everyone’s mind: will there be a sequel to one of the greatest games of all time? 403 more words


The Last of Us - REVIEW

Post-Apocalyptic titles aren’t scarce through-out the gaming world. However one with such a gripping narrative, beautiful landscape and intense gameplay is not so easy to come by. 274 more words


Logic of a Gamer Girl

Me and my wife are quite avid gamers. So last night I was playing The Last of Us trying to get my platinum trophy and she was playing Diablo 3, trying to get hers. 104 more words