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God's Immateriality: Necessary Truth, or Rhetorical Device?

I’m in the middle of a discussion with hero4thought on his blog (go check it out, he has some good observations, and he seems like a really nice guy) where we are talking about the veracity of equating… 1,178 more words


Eddie Tabash: Atheists Developing Political Skills - Dealing with Ballot Measures

I’ve been listening to the speeches given at the 2015 American Atheists Convention posted on the AA Youtube channel. I haven’t finished all of them yet and have enjoyed and agreed with most of what I have listened to so far. 427 more words


Responding To Mayor Pro Tempore John O'Brien

Something very interesting just happened. I received an e-mail from John O’Brien, the mayor pro tempore of Hudsonville, MI. Back in February I typed about… 925 more words


It’s OK to rape women? But not men because that would be gay and against God’s plan?

In this post, I will discuss homophobia and religion (and throw in a little misogyny too), as well as the moralistic fallacy.

Recently homophobia among religious conservatives has been especially popular, thanks to the law legalizing gay marriage in the US. 710 more words


Not So Polite Dinner Conversation - marriage and a lovely example of TrueChristian hysteria

Whoo-hoo, marriage for all!   I hope that everyone who chooses to get married is as happy as my husband and I.

Rather than reviewing the SCOTUS decisions since others have done a better job than me, I found a typical opinion piece by one of the horrified TrueChristians, or as he puts it “orthodox Christians” (not to be confused with Orthodox Christians, of the eastern varieties). 1,786 more words

Not So Polite Dinner Conversation

How I will Judge the "Ultimate Judge"

Alternatively titled Yahweh is METAL AS FUCK.

Any Christians stumbling across this might be tempted to see just another angry atheist spouting angry hate-filled nonsense about the Bible. 827 more words


Religion Poisons Everything

This first post is just meant to give some idea as to what this blog will consist of and why it exists.

I am much more confident in declaring what I know to be false than in asserting what is actually true. 344 more words