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What Would Jesus Do? (you really don't want to know)

A saying that I have seen a few times going about the internet is the question “what would Jesus do?” The answer is: things that you shouldn’t! 558 more words


Half of Atheist Kids Wind Up Believing

According to Pew, more than half of those raised in non-religious households will eventually identify as a believer in something. Why? Because they got married, most likely. Read more here.


The Pascalian Sect of Saint Agnosticus.

Saint Agnosticus was one of the most pious men ever to live.

As tales would have it, he would spend 20 hours every day kneeling in prayer. 530 more words


Atheist Quotes

Everyone loves quotes! So I have compiled a list of twenty quotes about atheism and religion.

“Being a Humanist means trying to behave decently without expectation of rewards or punishment after you are dead.” 531 more words


The conflict between omniscience and free will

If God is defined as omniscient, and omniscience entails the knowledge of everything, then God knows what I will do in the future. It seems this property of God is incompatible with my free will. 1,415 more words


Intro to Realitarianism

Realitarianism is about one’s relationship with reality. It is the position that reality is all that exists and that individuals should maintain a proper relationship to it. 204 more words

Chandler and Judena 2

In this video my mom and I talk about how we get along even though we believe completely different things as far as religion goes. We also talk about the false messages contained in the movie: God’s Not Dead.