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It's the write time to say We Are Chester

I don’t know about you but I think it’s time for a bit of a proper introduction, if you don’t mind, dear reader.

So can I say a warm hello and welcome and a huge thank you for reading my little blog all about culture in and around Chester. 487 more words


My Bucket List: Colour runs, Theatre and books.

  1. I want to see Wicked in theatre. I mean, I want to see everything, but particularly wicked
  2. I want to go to Rome. I’ve always loved the idea of living there, and after watching ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ I’m so excited by the idea.
  3. 289 more words

Our Mask of Truth - the Entertainers and the Entertained

Our mask of truth creeps silently

In ragged patterns of the dark

In abandoned graves where silently,

restless spirits made their marks.

Concealment, oh, the wonder! 139 more words

Russell House Hotel

The Russell House hotel’s owner described it as the “Palace Hotel of Canada,” but when it first opened in 1863 the hotel was far from it. 565 more words


Manaus's opulent Amazon Theatre – a history of cities in 50 buildings

Centrepiece of a city funded by the rubber boom, this opera house in the ‘Paris of the jungle’ is a symbol of Brazil’s controversial urban past, and present


The Nether - review

The Nether tries to answer a simple question – should people be able to enact their deepest, darkest desires online if this means they don’t do it in real life? 327 more words


The Woman In Black @ Fortune Theatre, 31 March 2105

What is so great about theatre is that every experience can be so different. Obviously a big part of that is simply in seeing a new play, but it is also much more. 905 more words