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The Great Gatsby - Sadler's Wells

How do you tell a story without words?

I love things to do with the 1920s, but I’ve never yet managed to read The Great Gatsby… 527 more words


My Birthday - Cheap Day Tickets for Memphis and Mormon!

I reaallllllly didn’t want to turn 24. I’ve always thought it’s a real ‘adult’ age. I think when I woke up on my birthday I even looked older. 590 more words


I Scorn to Change My State With Kings

Ben Crystal, Shakespeare Sonnet Slam 2014_ Sonnet 29

JavaScript required to play Ben Crystal, Shakespeare Sonnet Slam 2014_ Sonnet 29.

Part of the pleasure when… 418 more words


Scunthorpe Little Theatre Club // SPYGAME

A local theatre group is to put on a new production at the Plowright Theatre in Scunthorpe, and tickets are now on sale.
The plot of Scunthorpe Little Theatre Club’s latest production involves a new TV reality show which could bring stardom and a huge amount of prize money to winning contestants. 276 more words


Dawn of the Hairy Ape

Well, this is it. A long road, a lotta rehearsal (and that’s Lotta with a capitol L, folks), a few sore throats and a serious wrench later, and Eugene O’Neill’s… 959 more words


You Don't Have to Settle for Goodbye

Readers! Thank you.

Sorry to bombard you with movie reviews recently but I am trying to expand my horizon and improve my craft by studying other performances as much as I can and writing down my thoughts is useful to that end. 1,098 more words


A Lot To Look Forward To in the West End

The recent 25th anniversary of Pretty Woman has sparked excitement for the upcoming stage production of the 90s classic. Garry Marshall, the original director of the film, has officially confirmed that he is creating a musical version for Broadway. 391 more words