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Are You A "Passion-preneur?" If So, I Won't Follow You

My list of inspirational people is short. They range from dancers, to writers, to rappers, to painters, photographers, and directors.

Some of them have traveled the world, been published in Rolling Stone, helped push no budget movies into… 465 more words


Mo Money, Mo Problems | What VH1 Taught Us About Success and Happiness

There is something dangerous going on. And it needs to stop.

If VH1 has taught us anything, it’s that behind every rock star, every signing bonus, every booty poppin, champagne sippin, lambo whippin, chain hang to my ding-a-lang rags to riches story, lies an empty, sad human being who can’t stand to be alone with their thoughts come night time. 420 more words


What I Learned in 2014

To follow up my list from last year

What I learned in 2014 (and my favorite shots from the past year)

Leading a horse to water is not enough. 369 more words


A Beautiful Struggle

A decade earlier, a century earlier, a millennium earlier, someone just like you stood right where you are and felt a very similar thing, struggling with the very same thoughts. 86 more words


3 Minutes w/ Owuor Arunga [VIDEO]

1 am. The server at Amante Pizza clears our table. Across from me sit two old friends, veterans in the music scene, of their neighborhoods at least. 423 more words


Blog Post Purgatory: The Terrible Posts That Never Made It

When you have a blog, sometimes you feel the need to post for no particular reason other than to send the world a pulse, a resurfacing punch from the writer-burnout rubble telling the world “I’m still alive!” The metaphors are weak, the content isn’t relevant, or your own, and you try and connect dots where dots don’t exist. 786 more words