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Guy-Land - Come for the Awesome Laws, Stay Because 2-Way Trips Are Expensive

Okay, so… Does everyone have the fantasy of being the single ruler of a country, with total control over everything?

No? Just me?

It’s your loss. 808 more words


Rocko - Expect The Unexpected Review

This is a good showing for Rocko lyrically and puts him in a strong position moving forward. This project really showcases his ability to put a song together and to really go hard over the beat. 270 more words


My Thoughts on The Duff

According to this movie, the D.U.F.F stands for the “designated, ugly, fat friend”, “every group of friends has one”,  and “we are all someone’s DUFF”. With that being said, this movie also left me with some pretty amazing quotes including,  “you’re a wierdo, own it – be the best wierdo you can be!” and “Dottie: you look crazy. 248 more words


The Chain of Aforgomon

The Chain of Aforgomon

The strange tale of John Milwarp, an author whose mysterious death was baffling to both law and science, yet all too soon forgotten, as if being erased from the human record… 16 more words

Clark Ashton Smith

Local Philly Band and the Long Road to Stardom

The Beatles, The Who, and even Maroon 5 had to travel the long road to fame and glory. Every one of today’s big-named bands started out at the bottom and had to work their way up. 585 more words

Music In Philly

"Snow-days" in the South: An Anthology

1. Robert Frost sums up the meaning of snow in the south. It’s not really snow, it’s dirty, and only crazy people want to touch it. 144 more words

Journal Entry