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You Only Love Oreo (The Real Meaning of YOLO) - The Jo'burg Diaries, Part III

First you twist it, you lick it, then you dunk it

The “secret” to eating an Oreo is a fond childhood memory for most, and is actually the only way I eat my Oreo as an almost 19-year-old… 534 more words


Diets I've tried 

Over the years I’ve tried many different eating plans, none of which I completely embraced. Some of these I was able to stick with better than others. 415 more words


Oorah Enriches Jewish Children’s Lives Through The Zone

A partner at Treff and Lowy, PLLC, Joseph Treff provides high-quality counsel to investors who are involved in all aspects of real estate development, financing, and syndication. 73 more words

Joseph Treff

Writing Is Coming Easily

It’s very strange. Ever since I started the A to Z Challenge, I’ve found it remarkably easy to sit down at my computer and write between 200 and 400 words in 15 minutes everyday. 160 more words


Getting Into the Zone

In our last Working Writers Forum one of the members talked about getting into the zone with his writing. He said when he was in that place he seamlessly moved forward. 395 more words

Mala Burt

Zen and the Art of Cycling.

“Riding my bicycle is what lead me to write this post, writing this post is what allowed this post to become more than just about me riding my bicycle.” 623 more words