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So yeah. The Zone. Mom was dating a married man. She hid it from us at first but when I discovered it (by finding a love letter) they didn’t care to protect my sister or me from it anymore. 181 more words

The Gremlin Is My Wingman

Back when I was in high school, I suffered from an eating disorder.  I liked to starve myself.  It wasn’t pretty.  It was like a really bad After School Special when it at its worst.   693 more words


Zen in the Art of Writing – according to Ray Bradbury

In this great essay, Ray Bradbury gives us four words of advice that are essential for writing, or any kind of creativity:



DON’T THINK! 993 more words


The Zone - The Facility (Chapter 1)


I sat on my bed, which was placed in the corner  of my cell, spread out in front of my was a lot of mechanical parts. 558 more words

The Zone