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Like it or not

You came into my life as a friend, stayed a stranger and left a thief

Bound by blood I trusted you, loved you
Caged in fear, I hate and despise you… 82 more words


Filmic Nostalgia for "Beside Still Waters"

Coverage of the production of “Beside Still Waters,” an independent feature shot on Kodak film stock that appears in Kodak InCamera magazine. Read about it HERE.

The Written Word

Brassica nigra

Brassica nigra

Bitter herb of derelict places, Mustard:
You flourish in prickly curls of richest verdure.
A weed, a tonic, a staple, a spice – a survivor – 131 more words

The Written Word

Looking Back at the Success of Marvel's Agent Carter

You really have to give Marvel Comics credit for being able to achieve multiple media franchises in a few years. Not only do we get the ambitious Marvel Cinematic Universe, but we’re starting to see a rise in mainstream superhero TV shows. 802 more words

The Written Word


One day at a time
One hour
One minute
One second

With you , without  you
Together … apart
Happily ever after…or not

Show your true colors and I’ll show you mine… 42 more words



Wherefore is light given to him that is in misery, and life unto the bitter in soul?
Job, 3. 20

I am the kind of person that likes to be alone. 313 more words