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A Doorway to #FlashFiction - Writing Challenge

Flash Fiction Writing Challenge

Inspired by one of my Pinterest boards, this is a flash fiction writing challenge based on the following theme:

‘Doorway to…’ 94 more words


The Writer's Curse

The candles shone on the girl’s long black hair, which cascaded over her slim bare shoulders. Angela had chosen the expensive strapless dress with great care, after all it isn’t often that a young woman is invited out to dinner in what is, by many considered to be the capital’s top restaurant and with one of London’s leading celebrities to boot. 157 more words


Is there a best way to write a novel? #SoCS

Is there a best way to write a novel?

I’m sure there are at least as many ways to write a novel as authors writing. In fact, there are probably more, because authors could even write each book in a different way. 473 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Music As Soul Food

Earlier this week, I attended an Imagine Dragons concert. The third song they played was It’s Time. Imagine Dragons sang the opening much slower than it is on record and I found myself tearing up. 565 more words


Testing The Waters

I see Mike Sam is in the news again though I haven’t really followed the story. It serves only to remind me of the bond I feel with Sam and the reason why I started journaling again. 431 more words


Sprint n'Splat

How have you been?

As for us, here’s this month in collaboration:

These questions go through both of our minds, and we discuss them every time: 259 more words

The Writing Process

Five Ugly Realities of Being a Full Time Writer

I found myself, earlier today, in a position I’ve been in before: telling someone who came to me, asking for advice on a writing career, not to pursue one.   1,264 more words