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Californian Woman Develops Phone App To Feed Almost 600,000 Homeless People In San Francisco

An on-demand smartphone app to serve the greater good!

This is how much food goes wasted every single day in America

Excess food is a serious issue in the US. 820 more words

The World As I See It

Scientists Claim That Quantum Theory Proves Consciousness Moves To Another Universe At Death | Higher Density Blog

Beyond time and space

Lanza is an expert in regenerative medicine and scientific director of Advanced Cell Technology Company. Before he has been known for his extensive research which dealt with stem cells, he was also famous for several successful experiments on cloning endangered animal species. 342 more words

The World As I See It

Closest Visible Conjunction Of Venus & Jupiter In 2000 Years On June 30 – 6-30-15

The last part of this video claims that this rare conjunction will have no real affect on Earth. Maybe astronomically it doesn’t, but in the Science of Astrology it is huge. 292 more words

The World As I See It