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Ever think society has become too narcissistic. The outbreak of social media compelling everyone on this planet to tell the world of everything the doing. 160 more words

The Works


The single most important thing I learned last year was that no one or nothing stays the same. People change and things change and that’s perfectly okay because that’s how the world moves forward we can’t always have it like it used to be and we shouldn’t because who knows maybe the next chapter in our lives is the best one yet to come or even the one after that or even after that. 109 more words

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Fate, karma and luck. Funny how all these things work together and at the end up at god and the great beyond. We all seem to stumble and fall every now and then but is that any reason to give up and not live? 945 more words

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This life we seem to live can be so empty.

So painful.

In a city which feels so small you can always forget how little it is in the context of the world. 127 more words

The Works


We sit here now

The sun sets before our very eyes

Can you imagine living your dream?

Believing in something that you thought you could never believe… 178 more words

The Works