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The Doyle Collection - Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day inspires a lot of work every year. For our Washington piece we wanted to highlight some cheap romantic spots in the city and produce a map. 63 more words

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The Doyle Collection - Board Games

The nice thing about working on The Doyle Collection is that no two pieces are ever the same. We are given a list of hotels, a list of possible events and then we have to come up with possible pieces. 51 more words

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New scrapbook pages

This week has been a busy time for scrapbooking; surprisingly I am not yet bored of it, and have added my Cardiff trip/concert pages to the bucket list pages that I finished last week: 64 more words


The Doyle Collection - Chinese New Year

This year is the Chinese Year of The Ram/Sheep/Goat. Nobody can seem to decide which it definitely is. But to celebrate we produced a piece showing all of the Chinese star signs and their characteristics. 40 more words

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The Doyle Collection - Sherlock Holmes

For over 100 years the character Sherlock Holmes has captured imaginations all over the world. To celebrate The Bloomsbury Hotel’s Sherlock Holmes themed package in London we designed a timeline showing some of the ways Sherlock Holmes has found his way into popular culture. 20 more words

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The Doyle Collection - Comedic Counterpoint

As part of our ongoing content series for The Doyle Collection we were asked to highlight a comedy festival that was taking place in Bristol. Rather than produce a simple article or guide we decided to design a short quiz to help you find out who your comedic counterpart is. 16 more words

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Open University - The T.S. Eliot Prize

The T.S. Eliot prize honours the best in modern poetry and is often regarded as the ‘most prized award in poetry’ in the world. To celebrate this years’ prize we decided to reimagine each nominee as if they were part of a book series. 29 more words

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