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scant (adj).

We didn’t have that much to say because we didn’t have that much to give because we didn’t have much semblance of the stuff that makes us up at all.

The Word Project.

plot line (n).

I think in the end I would like this to be
a story about knots loosening (in stomachs, in hands)
and learning the ocean’s song… 111 more words

The Word Project.

placid (adj).

Why is patience always working so hard for my time? Why is stillness trying to find me? They, in their gentle manner, keep showing up, I see them follow me, waiting for a turn to speak. 28 more words

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rubble (n).

You are broken, and sat there, breaking.

I will not gather you, like a shattered glass (I have shattered many from clumsy hands), I will not brush up the pieces.  48 more words

The Word Project.

fasten (v).

In this time of seemingly unbearable stillness, cling to even the simplest joys to fill the space. Cling to the morning quiet, the lazy kettle whistle, the hush that comes when the sun sinks slowly, and early. 182 more words

The Word Project.

off (adj).

Where did all the words go?  I used to feel them in my hands, my feet,
They were the wiring in my knees, my spine and hips, the parts that… 74 more words

The Word Project.

the word project recap part four: fear // courage.

What I am hungry for is to be wild and free, courageous and bold, and I get so scared of all that is included in seeking that kind of living that I want so badly to just stay home. 198 more words

The Word Project.