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Gothic settings are desolate, alienating and full of menace” In the light of this comment, consider some of the ways in which writers use settings in the gothic texts you have read [40 marks]

Shelley’s manipulation of setting in her seminal gothic novel ‘Frankenstein’ is arguably one of the most vibrant aspects of the text and contributes greatly to the presentation of her characters. 1,089 more words


The Werewolf by Mary Anne Grueber Watson Sealy Bushby

‘Twas at the middle hour of night;
And though the moon gave her pale light,
O’er the haunted wood a thick mist hung
And the wind was howling its leaves among. 257 more words


Horror and Sons Review - The Giant Claw (1957)

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane!! No… wait… it’s a bird.

In ways, producer Sam Katzman was an early day version of Roger Corman. 1,036 more words

Movie Review

Russian Serial Killer Cop Arrested For Murder Of 22 Women

A 50-year-old police officer from Russia has been arrested in connection to the murders of 22 women, one of whom was decapitated, another having their heart ripped out. 380 more words