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Libertarians Fail to See Welfare State

While the talks between the EU and the Greek government has bought the euro a little bit more time, there is a growing undercurrent of a debate over the European crisis. 743 more words

Socialist Momentum in Europe

The answer to the question whether or not Greece will stay in the euro will probably be given this week. New socialist prime minister Tsipras is… 1,497 more words

Disabled or unhappy? Get your hand out

So note the high rate of mental disabilities in the report linked below–I am a little upset too and deserve a check for my discomfort. 281 more words


The New Left and Europe's Future

Only a couple of days after the European Central Bank raised white flag and finally gave up its attempts at defending the euro as a strong, global currency, Greek voters drove their own dagger through the heart of the euro.  2,499 more words


This is somewhat rushed. My second post. In 2010 the world population was estimated at 6.916 billion. I’m not great on statistics but recent news coverage says nearly half the worlds wealth is owned by 1%. 203 more words



Based on the constant reports in the newspaper both of these communities look like good places to stay away from.  I don’t think there are any businesses left in either community that haven’t been robbed.  228 more words

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