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Tomb Raider Cradle of Life – Opening

Robin Hood – Pact Sworn In Blood

The Way Of The Gun – End Titles


Untenable Podcast, Episode 22: The All New 'Get Off My Lawn-cast with Mike and Jay'

The porpoise for this meeting of the minds…Hashtag Wordplay

In this new episode, Mike and Jay vent about some shopping, salesmanship, and moviegoing social faux pas, and then discuss some games on their minds. 82 more words

Untenable Podcast

GREAT FILM MOMENTS: The finale of The Way of the Gun (2000)

This article was originally written on the 17th October 2012

Christopher McQuarrie’s follow up to the legendary The Usual Suspects is a criminally unseen and highly entertaining genre pic, The Way of the Gun. 469 more words