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The Big Top

Life’s a Circus,

isn’t it?

Three Rings


all the Chaos

that brings –

tame the lion

or keep on tryin’ –

find a trapese… 141 more words

Vintage Books

The Lost Weekend, 1944 -- A Sequel


a bottle dimly


in a night filled

with fire

you went too far

you broke the

spell &

you fell &

you fell… 126 more words


An Oriental View of American Civilization, No-Young Park, 1934

Well, shut the

door –

it’s 1934,

and a visiting

Chinese scholar


reviewing American


and it’s ain’t pretty.

he soon discovers

“money, money,money” 212 more words


Quite Early One Morning, Dylan Thomas, 1960

Dont know about

you,    but me –

I’m up early.

I’m up

up in the dark,

like a stranger

sittin on a park

bench, watchin… 160 more words


One of the Three Little Pigs*

Once upon a time

which is nice,

because it rhymes/

there were three

little pigs.

One stood out.

He was tall, but stout.


he was known as… 178 more words


Classic Car Repair Books, a Selection of Three

Some ppl

get their kicks

on Route 66.

which is cool

unless your old

tire goes flat

(imagine that!)

& you need that

lug-nut tool – 134 more words

Vintage Books

The Joy of Cooking, Bride's Edition, 1979

Hooray for you,

babe of mine –

you finally

hooked your guy –

got your self


picket fence,

and a robin’s

egg blue sky! 147 more words