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Fiction Tuesday – Perception

Ama led the two men through the streets of Water Gap, finally guiding them to a large, but otherwise unadorned building. “Here we are, Jeremy, the Council Hall of Water Gap.” 1,477 more words


On Enemies Within: growing up with the Miners' Strike in memory, myth and history

“We’re secure in the knowledge that we already lost a long time ago.”

– Richey James, 1992

I knew the death of Margaret Thatcher wasn’t likely to usher in a Truth and Reconciliation Commission on the Eighties, but it’s been good to see the thirtieth anniversary of the Miners’ Strike pass this year and last with due commemoration, and with little attempt to present what happened as a good thing.*

3,486 more words
How I Was Made

Fiction Tuesday – Quick Counsel

Jeremy awoke in a soft bed, covers pulled up to his head to keep out a slight chill ,and covered in some sort of bed clothes he didn’t recognize. 1,514 more words


The Time of the Orc

In which The Author sees the Shadow returning

A few weeks ago I bumped into my friend Adrian T. in Aberdare. The sun was shining, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and we’d both dared to venture outside without taking the precaution of bringing a jacket. 1,214 more words


Fiction Tuesday – Horse Trading

Ama led both Walter and Jeremy out of the examination room. They passed through the reception area and went through a door opposite them. Jeremy took a moment to adjust to the dimmer lighting in this part of the building, but once acclimated he took in the difference between this room and the others he’d been in. 594 more words


More Nooks and Crannies

In which The Author is on the campaign trail again

To celebrate my membership of Plaid Cymru, I joined Cynon Valley’s candidate Cerith Griffiths on the campaign trail in Aberdare yesterday. 2,171 more words


The Twilight Zone

Ever since bus deregulation in October 1986, a number of small operators have been able to enter a marketplace previously dominated by the National Bus Company (in its many regional subdivisions). 1,037 more words

Public Transport