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Fiction Tuesday – Departure

A knock on the his door woke Jeremy early the next day. Now accustomed to the presence of evertorches, he raised the cover off the one in his bedroom and dressed while bathed it’s warm light. 771 more words


Breakfast à la Lolita

Good morning, I woke up a while ago. Since I don’t want leave my bed, I have no choice than eating Cheez Doodles and Monster Energy drink for breakfast. 17 more words


There Is No Spoon (Or Sausages, or Custard, Or Ramekins)

In which The Author’s friends come to the rescue

Yesterday, as you might recall, I was wondering whether I’d make it through the night. I’m pleased to say that thanks to my wonderful GP practice in Aberdare, as well as my many friends who got in touch to offer their support, I’m still here to tell the tale. 1,201 more words


Unpacking The Plan

This post explores yesterday’s “Fiction Tuesday” post, The Plan.

The teen shows up

Jeremy’s character has been bugging me for a few posts now. He… 763 more words


Fiction Tuesday – The Plan

Jeremy spun on Ama, not at all happy with Walter’s revelation. “You planned this?”

Ama was slightly taken aback by Jeremy’s outburst, but it was Walter who replied. 976 more words



In which The Author gets caught in the fallout

In When the Inevitable Happens I told you how the topic which Gareth L. and I have been skating around for months had eventually reared its head. 936 more words


Fiction Tuesday – Uncovered

Jeremy remained in silent shock. What Ama and Walter had told him about people wanting to use him for their own ends stoked in him a fire of fear. 897 more words