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The Reunion Party

In which The Author declines an invitation

A couple of weeks ago Gareth L. mentioned a rumour he’d heard. Apparently some of the old gang in Aberdare are talking about organizing a Carpenters Arms reunion. 3,068 more words


Fiction Tuesday – Restoratives

Ama directed Jeremy to sit in a plush chair in the center of a small room. As with the waiting room this space was well-lit, though Jeremy couldn’t discern what the light source was. 983 more words


An Interesting Dream

In which The Author takes his daytime reading matter into his subconscious world

As my regular readers know, I started re-reading The Lord of the Rings… 585 more words

The Valleys

Seeking Healing

I wrote this post yesterday and forgot to get it into WordPress! It’s a continuation of Welcome to the Valleys

Walter and Jeremy moved further into the city, but as they moved away from the walls the press of people began to fall away.

1,134 more words

The Climb.

Sunday, March 15th.

240 days until India.

A week ago a few friends and I went for a walk up a mountain. We live in Wales, so this is a pretty normal and regular occurence. 358 more words


Fiction Tuesday – News at the Stable

As Jeremy passed through the gate his eyes needed a moment to adjust to the change in scenery. While the road had been quite, and quite empty, Water Gap was… 934 more words


Fiction Tuesday – On to Water Gap

Today I continue a story set in the world of The Valleys. The first part can be found here

Jeremy helped Walter push his cart the last few miles towards a place he called “Water Gap.” As they travelled the Sun continued its descent behind them.

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