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Opening the doorway to everything~

We accept some things into our lives.

But what would it mean to accept everything the universe offers us?

What would it mean to move with the ebb and flow of the universe and be a oneness with all that is? 39 more words


Notes from the Universe

Nearly one year ago, not long after I had graduated from college and was still trying to figure out my life, when I was feeling particularly lost and inadequate and alone, I found myself in need of a morale boost. 505 more words


So... what's been decided for next term?

We’ve just had a quick discussion about what we’re going to do next term under our umbrella topic for this year “Out of this World.” 303 more words



Not easy for me, this, since I have decidedly controlling tendencies when it comes to my books.

But this latest campaign, in closing one door, has, I hope, allowed for the opening of another. 140 more words

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So how’s everyone enjoying this hot weather? Personally, it’s good because you can tan without having to go abroad but at nighttime it’s just annoying. 73 more words

The Universe

Observation as the 'test' of average supernova rates...

There was an astronomer in the last century, by the name of Fritz Zwicky, who coined the term “super-novae” in a seminal article found at: … 959 more words