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The Landscape Is Your Own

The Universe will configure around your best efforts!

An insider’s view of how Frances uses Theta Healing to “answer any question”.  

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Cover Letter

I wrote this in a job application once:

{ I have a simple agenda. I want to remind people that we are free to sing under the stars because this is our earth, our world, and that we must look after her. 376 more words


Of God, the universe, and how the more I know the less I know

Imagine if you will the universe. We as humans have a desire to make sense of the world around us as well as the universe around us, and so we send objects in space to take photos of us and then some. 284 more words

The Universe and Me

Every day I observe life, death, and birth.
Everyday I read of each in the local paper (or my Facebook timeline).

Everyday people are born. 199 more words

'Thank you Universe' Fridays

Sometimes life can take a dump on us. Things won’t go our way for whatever reason, we get disappointed, annoyed, frustrated, we feel emotionally drained, or people can decide to be just plain mean. 528 more words


FAQ 13-14

Question 13.

Whenever I visit my sister’s house, we enjoy ourselves talking about this blog. She started to hold memorial services for the ancestral spirits of her husband’s family line and came to remind herself of gratitude, so that her relationship with her husband was deepen and they are getting along well with each other. 661 more words