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Quantum Technology and the Frontier of Computing

Here’s a short video I just found featuring our own Winfried Hensinger, Professor of Quantum Technologies at the University of Sussex.

It’s part of a pilot documentary that explores the connection between science fiction and science reality. 290 more words

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The Eclipse Coincidence Question

The day before last week’s (partial) solar eclipse I posted an item in which I mentioned the apparent coincidence that makes total eclipses possible, namely that the Moon and Sun have very similar angular sizes when seen from Earth. 305 more words

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That Was The Eclipse That Was..

It’s been an astronomical and meteorological rollercoaster of a morning. When I woke up at 6am this morning, the Sun was just rising. There was hazy cloud and there seemed to be every chance that it would break up to allowing viewing of today’s partial solar eclipse. 364 more words

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Life, the Universe and the Partial Eclipse..

As you will no doubt be aware, tomorrow there will be a Partial Eclipse of the Sun visible from the United Kingdom. Here’s a handy guide, courtesy of the Met Office, to the time and maximum fraction of the Sun’s disk that will be obscured. 943 more words

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Stargazing Live on Sussex University Campus - Tonight!

Just a quick post to advertise the fact that the BBC Television series Stargazing Live will be broadcast in the evenings this week from Wednesday 18th to Friday 20th March, 2015. 268 more words

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A Solar Eclipse

In that great journey of the stars through space
    About the mighty, all-directing Sun,
    The pallid, faithful Moon, has been the one
Companion of the Earth. 97 more words

The Universe And Stuff