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The Supervoid and the Cold Spot

While I was away at the SEPnet meeting yesterday a story broke in the press broke about the discovery of a large underdensity in the distribution of galaxies. 788 more words

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Dark Matter from the Dark Energy Survey

I’m a bit late onto this story which has already been quite active in the media today, and has generated an associated flurry of activity on social media, but I thought it was still worth passing it on via the medium of this blog. 497 more words

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A Birthday Message to Donald Lynden-Bell

On Friday being the second Friday of the month of April I went up to London for the regular Open Meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society and afterwards to dinner with the RAS Club. 662 more words

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Why the Big Bang wasn't as loud as you think...

So how loud was the Big Bang?

I’ve posted on this before but a comment posted today reminded me that perhaps I should recycle it and update it as it relates to the… 1,106 more words

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Praise, by R.S. Thomas

Today is Palm Sunday, the start of what Christians call “Holy Week”, which culiminates in Easter. It’s also the birthday of the great Welsh poet… 336 more words

The Universe And Stuff