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The Trip (Michael Winterbottom, 2010)

At first, The Trip seems like a terrible proposition. It can be summed up as follows: Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, playing exaggerated versions of themselves, visit six Michelin-starred restaurants in Northern England to review them for an Observer article, spending most of their time together bickering over who can do better impressions of a number of famous people. 450 more words

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Pre-Trip Testing & APRS

Our departure date is closing fast, and pre-trip testing of all radios, etc. has begun.  Fired up the old Kenwood dual-bander and proceeded with a quick check of the APRS, which seems to be running fine.  239 more words

The Trip


Nizhny Novgorod va aller vite. Hôtel loin d’être fantastique, et impressions très très mitigées jusqu’au dessert du déjeuner. La rue piétonne descendant jusqu’au kremlin local (ville fortifiée) n’avait rien pour elle. 1,607 more words

The Trip

Day 0: The Prologue

This is our first blog so please be patient as Kristie and I figure out how this all works.

The Trip

#60 - The Trip #61 - The Trip To Italy

Two loosely plotted road trip movies with scenes that sometimes run too long and at times feature grating impression riffs but I found both of them to be charming and fun.   37 more words

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48 hours flirting with biodiversity on the Osa Peninsula

Snakes, spiders, dolphin etc…

So we’re running a bit late as we have been in Panama for a week now but we had to write something on the Osa Peninsula as it is the time when we got to discover the big jungle my friends! 819 more words

The Trip

Yekaterinburg et notre dernière nuitée ferroviaire

On a raté le monument marquant la fin de toutes les Sibérie. Il devait être à gauche, ou à droite, et nous de l’autre côté. Comme des touristes. 1,135 more words

The Trip