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Multiple Gods & the Greatest Commandment

Here’s a good question: if there are really three Gods, then why did Jesus tell us to worship only one? After all, it was Jesus who said: 1,800 more words

God's Laws: Old Covenant

Trinity Applied

We’ve already seen something of how important the Doctrine of the Trinity is. It points us clearly to God’s character as the God who is love and it is essential to our understanding of salvation. 1,791 more words


Understanding the Trinity

The Trinity is a basic foundation of Christianity. But for a lot of people, it’s one of the most difficult things to understand. I’ve heard a number of explanations, including the one about how God is like water — the same thing in three different forms. 744 more words


Trinity on Thursday - Modes of revelation and presentation

Purely by accident, Fred Sanders and his thoughts of the Trinity – specifically how it is uniquely revealed and its importance for how we handle thinking and telling about the Trinity – feature today. 724 more words


Are Christians Idol Worshipers?

More to the point, by Christians worshiping Jesus as divine, does that automatically make Christians idol worshipers according to Judaism?

The Jewish criterion regarding idolatry – as it relates to non-Jews – is also subject to debate.

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United in Redeeming Love

Mankind, spiritually bankrupt, has nothing to offer, but God, prompted by pure grace, and drawing on his eternal wisdom, prepares a counsel of salvation in which the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are united in redeeming love and pity for the human race. 206 more words

Christ Crucified

Why What we think about the Trinity Matters

Why what we think about the Trinity matters

We’ve kept emphasising that what we believe about God matters.  When we talk about the Trinity, we are not just in the business of theological formulations and intellectual arguments.  2,749 more words