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Merlin's Triquetra Earrings

Triquetra simply means “triangle”
and has been used to refer to a variety of three-cornered shapes
but has been evolved into a symbol of depth. 205 more words


The Shack - The New Pilgrims Progress?

I was asked about the Shack – the multi million seller book which is about to be made into a movie – so here is a review article I wrote a few years ago. 1,195 more words


The Holy Spirit - A Science Experiment

Today (Monday 29th June) we all gathered in Room 2 to do a special science experiment! Mrs de Koning brought to school the things we needed. 495 more words

School News

Rethinking the Creation Account: Who is Elohim?

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Whenever you find people tenaciously clinging to a blatant lie, it’s because that lie is protecting them from a truth that they aren’t ready to deal with. 2,706 more words

01. Genesis

Baptist "Scholar" says Mormonism is Becoming Christian

A Professor of Baylor University and Baptist Scholar, Roger Olson, says Mormonism is becoming Christian. His article on the subject can be seen in the Christian Post’s, … 109 more words


The Trinity and a broken friendship

We now come to Precosia, the last of the group of people we met a little while back. With each of the scenarios, we have seen that what we believe about God and specifically about the Trinity is relevant to how we handle pastoral situations in the life of the church. 625 more words

Doctrine Of God

Tales of the Ancients: Tharah of Alrule

She watched the strange creature die. Its soul wasn’t meant for this place, but it passed into the Felnether anyways along with the souls of the recently slain Draegon. 673 more words