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Le Locataire [The Tenant] (1976)


The Tenant resonated with me. Why? It’s a film about the immigrant experience, an experience I know quite well. Granted, what I have experienced as an immigrant is miniscule compared to the treatment Polanski’s Trelkovsky undergoes here – I truly can’t complain all too much about how Britain has treated me in my time here – though I still emphasise with the experience Polanski is attempting to express here, he hits those same feelings of alienation and an inability to communicate meaningfully with those around you. 33 more words

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Roman Polanski's The Tenant - Caroline Gill

Roman Polanski directed, wrote, and starred in 1976’s The Tenant–a dark, mysterious film about the oppression that society can inflict on the mind. Polanski stars as Trelkovsky, a man who moves into an apartment after learning that the current tenant has committed suicide. 190 more words