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Daily Draw: 9 of Coins (The Nine Maidens of the Mill)

Today’s draw is about doing your work with focus and industry and doing it well, for your own good and for the good of others. You and I are parts in a larger machine, and while it may not always seem like it, we are all, every one, indispensable in our workings in the great web. 196 more words


Daily Draw: XVIII The Moon (rev), Mani

Today’s draw is The Moon reversed, with the rune Nauthiz and The Lighthouse, The Star, The Pentacles, The Umbrella, and The Cat. Police your emotions today, my friends. 125 more words


Sports Writer Aspirations

One of my goals for 2015 was to sharpen my writing skills and contribute articles to sports magazines, newspaper and other kinds of media.

 78 more words


900,000 tikaman

MCA mendakwa ada mempunyai keahlian sejumlah satu juta orang tetapi 900,000 daripada anggota parti sebenarnya sokong pembangkang, bukan gitu?

MCA kelmarin menyambut ulangtahunnya yang ke-66. Upacara meraikan ‘pencapaian’ umur panjang parti tersebut telah diadakan di Dewan Lee San Choon di Wisma MCA, KL. 453 more words

Hannah Yeoh

XVII. The Star

Following the disaster of the Tower, we head into the night. Number 17 of the Major Arcana is the Star, the first of what I call the Celestial Trilogy: A set of cards based on things in the sky, as you have probably surmised. 531 more words


Fine Dining at The Star - BLACK by ezard

 Throughout the years, The Star has earned recognition as one of the foremost luxury hotels in Australia. Located in the heart of Sydney, The Star features fine dining establishments such as BLACK by ezard. 112 more words

Sid Vaikunta