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This Is Not the Film You Are Looking For

Hey, look. It’s the rejection letter that United Artists sent to George Lucas about some movie he wanted to make called “The Star Wars.” What do you think ever happened to that script?

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Comic Review: 'The Star Wars Deluxe HC Edition'

Dark Horse Comics has printed a lot of Star Wars comics over the years. They’ve done regular issues, issues with heavy carded stock covers, omnibuses, trade paperbacks, hardcover omnibuses, hardcover trade paperbacks and large format hardcovers. 32 more words

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The Star Wars & Star Wars: The Adventures of Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight

This week I clearly had Star Wars on the brain. I blame issue one of the new Marvel comic for that… Anyway, only one of these two titles is actually a comic book – the other is an illustrated children’s adaptation of the first Star Wars trilogy. 605 more words


In An Alternate Galaxy Far, Far Away: A Review of The Star Wars

The Star Wars, the graphic novel from Dark Horse Comics, is not part of the new expanded Disney universe. It is in fact a take on the original rough draft script of… 675 more words


The Star Wars

May the Force of Others be with you…

Think I’ve got that wrong? You obviously don’t know your Star Wars lore, my friend!

Welcome to The Star Wars! 941 more words

Star Wars

THE STAR WARS: So Close And Yet So Far, Far Away

  • Title: The Star Wars 
  • Script: J.W. Rinzler (based upon the work of George Lucas)
  • Art: Mike Mayhew
  • Colors: Rain Beredo
  • Cover Art: Nick Runge
  • Publisher: Dark Horse Comics 
  • 809 more words

As everyone knows, I am a Star Wars fan. But I’m not one of those superfans that knows every minute detail and obscure fact. So, to some I’m a geek, and to others, I’m a poser. 335 more words

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