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My path to healthiness and my transformation up until now.

Even though I am still not happy with the results that I have seen in my body, I acknowledge that there is a difference since I started exercising and eating healthy. 495 more words

The Spark

The Color run Copenhagen

It has been more than a month since my first running adventure took place.

The first event I decided to participate in was the Color run Copenhagen 2015 and it was such an amazing experience. 340 more words

The Spark

Artist or Critic?

Through most of high school I was essentially planning on becoming a critic, to the best of my recollection. Film, television, society – anything, really. I raised myself on a steady diet of online critics/reviews and philosophy geared at thinking logically and poking holes in illogical systems. 297 more words

The Spark: Fact or Fiction?

Popular vernacular around dating and love is full of catchphrases like “the spark,” “butterflies,” and “chemistry,” all used to describe a feeling you have with another person that indicates that they’re “the one.” What is that feeling, exactly? 583 more words



You might wonder.. What does Denmark have to do with this blog?

Well – it is one of the things that motivated me to begin my journey. 333 more words

The Spark

Whom do I owe my passion?

The truth about how I got to my healthy lifestyle is simple – my brother. He has been my role model through my endless journey to health and happy life. 150 more words

The Spark