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'The Sisters' by James Joyce

The Sisters by James Joyce, 1904

The magic trick:

The narrative handoff near the end of the story

Today begins something a little different for the SSMT site. 600 more words


Why I Think “The Sisters” is a Great Show

I may be the absolute first person to say it, but yes I used the word “great”. I think it’s great, wonderful in fact! Shoot me. 875 more words


Let There Be Cake (Preferably Chocolate Chocolate)

Today is a day for celebration. Wildflours’ biggest fan turns 23!

Happy Birthday Tessie, we love you!!!

Birthdays do not pass by unnoticed in our household. 665 more words


What are kids watching in Lebanon?

In a media saturated society, how are children in Lebanon interpreting the messages disseminating across the various media outlets.

According to the research television is still the number one media outlet for children ages 8 to 18. 417 more words

Media Literacy

Author Interview: Nadine Matheson

I’ve been interviewing another fabulous author for Bookaholic Confessions this week. The fantastic Nadine Matheson, whose debut novel, The Sisters, was published in February 2015, stops by to chat being a criminal defence lawyer, and reveals where she gets her writing inspiration from… 1,153 more words

2015 Releases

The Honeymoon - Steffana's Sexuality - The Zealan Way


So on their honeymoon, of course Kieron and Steffana have sex, what ends up being so shocking to him is that, he enjoys it so much. 3,556 more words

Book 3

Female Cyborg Monsters or Heroes of a Feminist Dystopian Fantasy World? Who or What Are The Steel Sisters?

What began for me as a basic art subject (human beings with prosthetic limbs) in which I could hone my skill at conveying the human form quickly evolved into a more Gothic-horror–themed series of sculptures. 1,925 more words

Female Gladiators