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The Honeymoon - Steffana's Sexuality - The Zealan Way


So on their honeymoon, of course Kieron and Steffana have sex, what ends up being so shocking to him is that, he enjoys it so much. 3,556 more words

Book 3

Shemale Cyborg Monsters or Heroes of a Feminist Dystopian Fantasy World? Who or What Are The Steel Sisters?

What began for me as a basic art subject (human beings with prosthetic limbs) in which I could hone my skill at conveying the human form quickly evolved into a more Gothic-horror–themed series of sculptures. 1,948 more words

Female Gladiators

The Reviews Are Overwhelmingly Positive!

It’s gratifying to know that ten people have now reviewed my book and I have  a solid four-star rating!  This next month I will be continuing to market it in many ways.   46 more words

Shows/Events To Look Out For This Weekend

We are delighted to bring you the weekly updates of events to come, this events span from across the world; Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Europe and other parts of the world. 964 more words


Kardashians in Beirut

When I was 14, my grandma caught me dick-handed while watching Porn on a lonely summer night in Beirut. It took me 2 years in chastity belt, a 3 year church choir enrollment and a decade of shame to erase that incident from my family’s collective memory. 138 more words


Mawtoura apologizes to "Peter Semaan" and "Yasmina".

As you might have noticed, the new real tv show, “The sisters”, started airing on LBC (the Khaliji one). Yes, I have watched the first 10 minutes, and yes it’s crap as many people and bloggers hinted at. 96 more words


The Sisters: Cartooning My Way to Character Insights

Hi, readers. Here are a few Diorama series in which I moved the models around to show an action sequence of some kind across several photos. 677 more words

Female Gladiators