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Only A Woman

Joy Williams recently released a song, “Woman (Oh Mama)”. It’s a tribute to womanhood and while I prefer her earlier music, there is a line in her new single that perfectly describes how I am feeling at this moment. 820 more words

We The Church

I no longer date, and other after divorce shenanigans


Can you hear me?!?!

I don’t converse with many divorcees, often. Okay, or ever. So I don’t really get it. 1,052 more words

What I Shouldn't Do

I did something I shouldn’t have done. But it’s been there for months, taunting me. The mere fact that I didn’t act on my curiousity in the prior months, should be a test of how much I love this man. 426 more words

The Single Life

nothing to report...

How boring is that?

I haven’t met any new guys. I haven’t gone on any dates.
After hanging out for a couple of weeks, The Midget… 95 more words


A Thousand and One Broken Pieces...

…are floating in my brain.I see my world from a view of a dusty attic-the dust is the mental illness I am battling and the attic is what contains it all.It is cold and lonely,not a nice place to be.I try and hide here but it does me no good…another broken piece to add. 1,432 more words


6 Things Your Single Friends Are Tired Of Hearing

“You’re still young. There’s plenty of time and there’s so much more to life that you must experience.”

Well for starters life can be experienced with a companion, believe it or not. 380 more words

why are we so unhappy? a brief history of wellness in america

Wellness didn’t exist until about 1970.

Surprised? Or at least, not as the modern concept as most of us understand it to be. Halbert L. Dunn, M.D. 839 more words

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