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The Top 10 Sim Websites That You Absolutely MUST Bookmark

The Top 10

1.  ModtheSims (Go To Website)

Just about every longtime Simmer has heard of or been referred to this website at some point. 1,523 more words

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1.0 Arrival

Breathe in… Breathe out.

I tried to push the thoughts of my parents and Todd out of my head. This was good. I didn’t have a choice. 370 more words

Chapter 44: It's Almost Time

Leanna and I leave for university in just a week. It’s kind of a scary thought. I’ve never been away from home and my family. But I’m also really looking forward to it. 498 more words

The Sims 3


Joel was a quiet boy. He was chatty enough with me and picked up on talking just fine, but whenever he met someone new he’d become shy and hide his face. 1,548 more words

The Sims 3


Conor still wasn’t home. Since Joel’s birthday was coming up I had tried calling him several times, but his phone remained unanswered. I didn’t know whether he just didn’t hear it, whether my number had been blocked or whether he saw that it was me and decided not to answer, but either way the result was the same. 1,117 more words

The Sims 3

The Amazing Hollander| 1.5. The Hollander Method of Learning

Louise: Welcome back to this here thing. Last time Leslie’s insane babies aged up and they were glorious. Today, Leslie is extremely excited. Tell us why Leslie. 747 more words

Legacy Challenge

The Amazing Hollander | 1.4. Budding Psychopath

Louise: Welcome back to the Hollander residence, where we once again find the melodramatic matriarch eating outside on a chair. Leslie: We don’t have a proper dining table. 555 more words

Legacy Challenge