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The Hartfields | 024. The Art of Teleportation

The burnt down house and old barn on the other side of the road wasn’t owned by anyone, and Charlotte found herself furiously trampling over there nearly every day. 2,799 more words

Sims 3

Chapter 4 - Fishing With Live Bait

Despite the previous day not having quite gone the way he would’ve liked, Angel woke in a good mood the next morning. He had three days off of work. 880 more words


Chapter 3: Hooked

As Zephyra stepped out of the police station she stopped to rub her tired eyes, but also to hide her grin of pure satisfaction. The police had wanted to hold her. 1,065 more words


The Logan Legacy 2.4 - Bridezilla Justified

Welcome back!  Max and Valentine have a cameo in Starletsims awesome story The Other Woman. If you’re not already reading it, go check it out. It’s a great story and now one of your (hopefully) favorite Sims 3 mobsters and his best bud are in one of the chapters! 1,352 more words


Chapter 16: Just Growing on Up

As the days went by, Darien had been training Drake in his magic. Most of the time they just basically dueled each other.

But one day while they were dueling, Drake was able to send a strong fire spell at Darien. 3,300 more words

Generation 1

Lynnwood - W.I.P. [Kitchen/Bath]

Hey, Simmers!

So I decided to name this house I’m working on “Lynnwood” as Lynnwood is where the real life model is located. I know….how original of me. 169 more words


Brand New Home! - W.I.P.

So I finally got around to getting on The Sims 3. I wanted to start building again, as I’ve been itching to for the past couple of weeks. 107 more words