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Matt Groening es demandado por su ex-niñera hispana

Matt Groening -creador de los Simpsons- ha sido demandado por su ex-niñera, quien afirma que el productor no quiere a los hispanos. En su demanda, … 190 more words


TV Pick of the Day - Tuesday 30 June

TV fan Zoe Butcher has a newsworthy episode of The Simpsons for tonight’s pick… 128 more words


LISTEN: The Simpsons - 'The Call Of The Simpsons' Review

Welcome to the Four Finger Discount podcast! Hosts Mitch & Dando are life-long fans of The Simpsons, and now they look forward to sharing that passion with you all.

88 more words
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TSTO game will evolve, but without alienating our readers

In a few days, we plan to start blogging about more than just Tapped Out. To those of you who are nervous about this transition, or are perhaps only interested in game information, we have a prepared solution for you. 313 more words

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Should I Buy Sportacus, The Boxing Ring, Tennis Courts or Flags?

Hello neighboreenos! The Sports event has a lot to offer, especially in the premium section of the build menu. Because there is so much content to go over and because we are currently working on making major changes on the site, I am making a purchasing decision post that covers 4 limited time items for Act 1 of the ongoing event. 451 more words

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7 Reasons to Visit San Francisco

San Francisco is absolutely breathtaking and a must see on any travel bucket list! It is rich in history and vibrant in character. It has a mystical quality to it and truly is a magical city with so much to offer. 140 more words