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Wordpress banned in Pakistan 

No its back ! , its back ! Its back :)

WordPress had been blocked and banned by the government of pakistan, in the best of public interest. 75 more words

The Silly Life Of Mine.

A Random Thought

At times i wish i would have nothing to do with this country, and we are not trees that we’d be rooted to a piece of blood soaked land. 81 more words

The Silly Life Of Mine.

Wish ..

Sometimes i wish i wouldn’t have the ability to read between the lines, so i would see a silver lining around every single cloud and could dream of rainbows.

The Silly Life Of Mine.

Yet another unheard voice .

In this day of age, when we switch on our televisions sets to hear the numerous channels blaring out the “truth” to us, we think they are our saviours, they are voicing our oppressed emotions and the concerns of the common people, speaking on behalf of those who were never herd, who were never thought to be significant. 748 more words

The Silly Life Of Mine.

Dressed, Pious Men.

Yes, i may be a nudist, but at least i am not vulgar, i am not one of them ( men ) who ogle at women, who strip them in their heads the moment they set their gaze at her, reducing her to an object, an object to quench their sexual urge, voiding them of all respect that they say they have for her. 163 more words

The Silly Life Of Mine.