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Let It Reigns: What's Next for Roman Reigns after Wrestlemania?

Chris Flackett

Today on the blog we have the debut piece from our new writer, Chris Flackett. In it he has a look at the build up to Wrestlemania in terms of Roman Reigns and what comes after the biggest show of the year for the former Shield member, whether he is ready or not… 1,667 more words


How An Interview About A Chocolate Bar Made Me Love Roman Reigns A Little Bit More

By now, we’ve all seen Roman Reigns’s new commercial above. He’s a blue-eyed sad man, unsure of himself, and the opposite of the handsome and unnaturally damp prince we see each week. 695 more words


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Wrestlemania 31: Breaking Down Orton vs. Rollins

When Randy Orton and Seth Rollins face off at Wrestlemania, it will be the end of a long-standing story between the long-standing star and the fast-rising upstart, but it could also be significant and telling of the remainder of the night. 1,158 more words


Series Finales: My Top Seven

Recently I was skimming through Netflix and I got to thinking about what shows have ended their runs on the highest of levels. It is rare for a television show to end on a high note simply because these are stories of people we love. 716 more words


WWE.com -- 10 Superstars who are undefeated at WrestleMania

“The ranks of the “undefeated at WrestleMania” may no longer include The Undertaker, but there exists a subset of Superstars who have yet to experience the agony of defeat on WWE’s biggest night. 101 more words


ESPN: The Great Defender

I find this whole Chris Borland situation pretty interesting.

Not because it’s a case of a 24-year-old NFL linebacker who chose to retire following his rookie season, leaving behind millions of dollars, and forfeiting all the accolades and notoriety that come with being an NFL star. 685 more words